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The Contact Sports Workout Bible feat. Jon Fitch



The Contact Sports Workout Bible feat. Jon Fitch

This eBook is specifically designed for aspiring contact sports players, with MMA, American Football, and Rugby in mind.

We have included unique exercises with the most direct carryover to your sports.

What separates this program from others is that it provides specific workouts for EACH Rugby/American Football position and tailor-made workouts for the off-season to preserve muscle mass and avoid soreness before game time.

The roles and responsibilities of each position have been broken down to focus on improving and strengthening aspects of your game.

This eBook is the best product on the market for contact sports, behind hiring a professional coach.

Former MMA star Jon Fitch has laid out a plan for burgeoning Mixed Martial Artists, while one our own coaches has put his decade-long experience in training for contact sports to devise workouts specific for every single demand.


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