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The DEMIGOD: All of Herculean Strength’s Programs in One



The DEMIGOD: All of Herculean Strength’s Programs in One

This product is a (growing) compilation of all of our work.

Within you will receive every eBook and training program we have ever put together and will ever put together.

Included, you will receive hundreds of dollars of value as part of this deal as well as access to an increasingly wide range of lifting-related topics, covering most disciplines in the gym to help you realize the physique you deserve.

You will also receive a growing compendium of diverse diet advice to help you zero in on a diet model that benefits YOU for permanent success.


All of our programs and eBooks in one product to help you become a Demigod.

But most importantly, we will give you such a wide range of content so that you can find your fitness passion and never get bored or give up!

You will receive programs on:

  • Bodybuilding
  • Powerlifting
  • Strongman
  • Athleticism
  • Athletic/Aesthetic
  • Calisthenics
  • Full body workouts
  • Upper/Lower splits
  • Push/Pull splits
  • Home workouts
  • Golden Era Strength Programs
  • An Illustrated Cookbook
  • Keto Dieting
  • Dieting to lose fat
  • Dieting to gain muscle
  • And more as this list continues to grow…

Change your life for the better

Most people only gaze longingly at photoshopped pics of fitness models, wishing they could swap their paunch and puny arms for a chiseled six pack and bulging biceps.

However, those same people stumble at the first hurdle and give up.

The hardest part of success is getting started; steely determination, while useful, can only get you so far — especially when the majority of programs regiment boring and repetitive exercise schemes.

And don’t even get me started with diet plans. You CAN, in theory, eat pizza and drink beer every day and look amazing. Of course, it’s difficult to do, but with discipline and moderation it can be done.

Your diet model doesn’t have to be unseasoned boiled chicken breast, brown rice, and broccoli ad nauseam — this is a cruel and unusual self-punishment.

You can eat realistic meals and look amazing.

Mainstream fitness publications PROFIT off your discontent and frustration — which is why they promote boring, hunger-inducing meal plans so that you break your dietgain fat, then come crawling back in despair.

Don’t forget, fitness is a lifestyle, not something you fall into. Anybody with an impressive physique didn’t get there in a 12-week challenge. No, it requires a lot more than that — years.

This will be your first step to becoming a DEMIGOD.

Become stronger, more muscularbetter lookingleaner, more impressive than your peers. But most importantly, become the best version of you that you can humanly achieve.


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