It’s that time of year again — and you’ve left it too late to get your beach body.

Most people are perfectly content with leaving their body to get soft and saggy throughout the winter, only to scramble to sculpt an idea beach body to turn heads in the warmer months.

Sadly, for those people, fitness is a marathon, not a sprint.

And you shouldn’t leave these things to the last minute.

However, if you are desperate to achieve some semblance of a beach body, we have put together an intensive 12-week program so you’re not reluctant to take your top off when you head to the beach.

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Sun’s Out, Guns Out — Get Your Beach Body

beach body ready summer superhero cover
Beach Body ready Summer Superhero cover

Endless sets of curls and beach press are now very much an ancient relic.

We have transcended beyond the perennial novice’s desire to build “show” muscles.

Instead, our ‘Summer Superhero’ program will put muscle ALL OVER your body to grant you that well-rounded physique most covet.

This program is specifically designed for those seeking to put on AS MUCH mass as possible while offering diet advice to help you shift those stubborn pounds.

Yes, you CAN build muscle while losing fat — the two aren’t mutually exclusive!

Furthermore, we recognize that some people will not have gym access, given the global situation, which is why we have drafted 4 12-week workout programs with the following in mind:

  • People with no gym access
  • People with limited equipment
  • Kettlebell and dumbbell only
  • People with full gym access

In addition to this, we also included a clear guide advising you how much and what you should eat to accelerate fat loss.

The program incorporates an interactive guide to taking measurements to ensure that you are on the right path — as mentioned on our Gumroad page:

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This program also includes:

  • Worksheets to track your progress
  • Acclimation, transitional, and peak phases to increase intensity throughout program
  • Diet sheet including how to take measurements properly
  • Enhanced Fat Loss Tips
  • Guide to HIIT exercises 
  • Dozens of tips and pointers to help you reach your goals fast
summer superhero cover
summer superhero cover

But beware… this program is specifically designed to recomp your body FAST.

Consider it a get-out-of-jail free card if you haven’t been able to maintain a steady regimen.

Acclimation and transitional phases are included within the program as we don’t expect you to go from 0-100 overnight.

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Although the program is tough, its intensity is gradually ramped up — despite there being an emphasis on maximal muscle growth.

Volume is split through several training days a week, but totals higher aggregate volume than any traditional “bro split.”

For this beach body program, there is also a section on HIIT cardio to help put fat burning into overdrive.

It is also recommended that all users track their calories, macronutrients, and total steps in order to adjust their caloric intake for optimal fat loss.

Stretching is also emphasized due to the amount of workload prescribed.

If you need help to transform your physique as quickly as possible, then this is the program for you — with the bonus of being beach body ready while your peers are stuck with lockdown physiques.

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