In this article we’ll talk you all about the new SARM RAD 150, which promises benefits even greater than those of its predecessor RAD 140.


Note: This publication does not condemn or condone the use of SARMS or any other performance enhancing drug. Please note, SARMS are yet to be formally approved for human consumption and the long-term side effects are still not fully ascertained.

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RAD 150?

You may already know that there’s a SARM called RAD 140. Well, RAD 150 is RAD 140, but with some important updates; think of it as RAD 140 2.0 or RAD 140 service pack 1, etc.. 

Among the most important of the updates is that it has an increased half-life, or absorption time, which means that, once ingested, it can continue to be absorbed by the body for up to 48 hours. Most SARMs, by contrast, last only up to 24 hours.

First, we’ll recap what SARMs are before we discuss this exciting new compound.

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What are SARMs?

Jon Anthony SARMs results

SARMs results over 60 days

 “SARMS” stands for “selective androgen receptor modulators.” These compounds work similarly to steroids by binding to the body’s androgen (male hormone) receptors and recoding DNA to become more efficient — or “tissue selective — at packing on muscle.

Unlike anabolic steroids, which bind to androgen receptors in many tissues all over the body, individual SARMs selectively bind to androgen receptors in certain tissues, but not in others 

Everything you need to know about vitality-sapping endocrine disruptors – natural and artificial compounds that screw with your hormones – is contained in this one-stop primer on the subject. Forewarned is forearmed!

Although originally developed as “steroidal SARMS” for a viable cure for osteoporosis, cancer, and other diseases in the 1940’s by Ligand Pharmaceuticals, “non-steroidal” SARMS were pioneered in the 90s by GTx Inc giving us the SARMS we use today.

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Why Use them? Are they legal?

SARMs have presented themselves as an attractive alternative to androgenic anabolic steroids (AAS) in recent years because they boast fewer side effects and because they occupy a legal grey area. SARMs are legal in most territories, with some notable exceptions such as Australia, where a prescription is necessary for them. 

It’s worth noting though,  that, because of their anabolic and performance-enhancing properties, most SARMs are a prohibited substance and are listed as an S1 Anabolic Agent on WADA’s prohibited list.

As SARMs are more “tissue-selective” while boasting far fewer androgenic side effects — hair loss, acne, prostate enlargement, clitoral enlargement, unwanted hair growth, etc. —they have begun to become more popular than AAS in many parts of the world.

Bodybuilders and powerlifters alike run SARMs and even stack them with steroids to yield their desired results. This is because SARMs can yield keepable muscle and strength gains without drastic hormonal shifts.

SARMs also tend to be consumed in liquid form, another advantage if you don’t like the idea of having to inject yourself to take an anabolic compound.

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SARMs and post-cycle therapy

SARMs cycles typically last between 2-3 months depending on the compound or stack (mixture of compounds taken), but this may vary according to several factors such as stack, user experience and dosage.


Because SARMs mimic the role of naturally produced androgens in the human body, they will suppress levels of these hormones; however, the individual response will vary and some compounds, such as Ostarine, are generally considered to be less “suppressive” than others. As a result, some SARMs cycles might require post-cycle therapy (PCT) shortly after consumption or even liver protection such as NAC to combat hepatotoxicity from certain oral compounds. 

The Benefits of RAD 150 over RAD 140

If you’re unfamiliar with RAD 140, we suggest you read up on it now: try our article on it, which is part of our Ultimate Series on SARMs.

It’s worth saying, first of all, that RAD 150, because it is so new, has even less clinical data to back up the claims made for it and its safety profile etc. We say this because we want you to know this if you are thinking of using it. A similar consideration is in play when you compare Stenabolic with Cardarine: both compounds have very similar properties and effects, but the latter, as the senior compound, has been studied to a far greater extent.

The lack of research on this new form of RAD 140 is a turn off for some

What is supposed to distinguish RAD 150 from RAD 140 is its duration. Because of a chemical process called esterification, RAD 150 is claimed to last much longer in the body than RAD 140; in fact, about twice as long. 

The aim with this enhancement is to allow more stable serum levels of the compound over time, resulting in better muscle gain.

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Not all Reddit users believe in the necessity of RAD 150

RAD 140 is generally considered to be the most ‘selective’ of all the SARMs, meaning that it has the least unwanted side effects. This is a property that has been retained, it is claimed, in RAD 150 too.

Whether RAD 150 also has the apparent neuroprotective effects RAD 140 appears to have, is unclear.

r/sarmssourcetalk - HONwestminster rad 150 12 weeks

This Reddit user definitely recommends RAD 150: displaying his results for 12 weeks

All the anecdotal evidence, which will have to stand in for clinical data, suggests that users can expect roughly the same results from either compound. 

When dosing with RAD 150, if you do decide to try it, you must take into account that it stays in the body for two days, rather than one.

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How to Buy RAD 150

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