Raging Bull Coffee is an explosive new premium, high octane, 6-bean dark blend that has just been released on the market.

This delicious brew kicks like a mule if you need a pick-me-up before a long work day, study session, or a workout.

Packaged in a striking but neat orange bag, Raging Bull Coffee‘s pleasantly strong aroma will fill the room when it arrives — you’ll unmistakably recognize your order when it is delivered to your door.

When you finally unbox your coffee, you will be rewarded by its velvety smoothness yet deceived by the punch it packs.

Raging Bull Coffee Taste Test

Raging Bull Coffee Front
Raging Bull Coffee Front

When my bag of Raging Bull Coffee arrived, I immediately brewed a batch with a French Press.

After around 10 minutes, my father-in-law — who is a coffee enthusiast; the kind of guy to fall asleep five minutes after drinking an espresso — and I sampled a cup each.

To the taste, it is firm but enjoyable, and goes down very smoothly. It makes for a moreish cup that will have you refilling your mug in a few minutes until the very last drop.

The following day, we made one of the nicest cold brews I’ve had in my life to power me through the morning.

On a side note, the owner of Raging Bull, Lawrence King, often jokes about people who abstain from $5 coffees in an effort to save money to become wealthy instead of innovating or creating a product/service that people love.

But he is absolutely on the money with this coffee that can square up toe-to-toe with any $5 — or overpriced — coffee you can find at your favorite café. The added benefit to this coffee is that you can drink it from the comfort of your own home.

Speaking about the release of Raging Bull Coffee last year after a rocky start due to the pandemic, Lawrence tweeted: “I paid a company in March after testing all the samples from all over the place and they closed for the lock down! So I am glad we are finishing it now its been a long road But I will be posting all my wins and big fat Ls live on Twitter.”

Raging Bull Coffee's
Raging Bull Coffee’s inspirational message

On the back of the packaging, there’s an inspirational message that reads:

“Here’s your wakeup call. Your midmorning shot. Afternoon boost.

“The hit parade never ends, and that’s okay with you because you know it’s mind over matter. So you will yourself to keep moving, keep going. It’s survival of the fittest out there, and we all know that means a rock-hard commitment to the strongest coffee available, and plenty of it.

“Enter Raging Bull — smooth as it brew and even smoother going down. Yes, it hits. It hits hard. Get up and get ready for more.”

Raging Bull Coffee Conclusion

Raging Bull Coffee Conclusion
Raging Bull Coffee Conclusion

This small coffee project is perfect for a coffee enthusiast as a gift or to enjoy at home.

If you’re out of preworkout, this coffee in a cold brew will give you that extra oomph before your weights or cardio.

You can also pair Raging Bull Coffee with our homemade preworkout recipe.

All in all, this great-tasting coffee is worth a try if you’re a fan. With summer coming around the corner for many, there’s a perfect opportunity to make a jolting cold brew to help you seize the day.

Raging Bull Coffee -- the final result
Raging Bull Coffee — the final result

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