Raw milk is the most important food that you should consider getting in on.

Millions of people are making the conscious decision to include raw milk as a part of their nutritional regimen in the United States alone, and that number grows every day as the raw milk movement is only beginning.

Many of our ancestors survived and thrived thanks to their access to whole, raw milk. If that includes you, this food belongs in your diet. If you descend from a people who do not have a history of widespread dairy usage, and your body responds negatively to pasteurized milk, raw milk may be the key to expanding your dietary horizons.

Not only is raw milk good for your body, mind, and soul, it’s good for your community and local self-sufficiency. Here are 5 reasons why raw milk is actually good for you.

1. Raw milk is safe

raw milk
Raw Milk: The Lowdown

For over a century, powerful commercial interests and the establishment’s academic institutions have told us that raw milk is not safe. They’ve framed the discussion to their benefit, so that raw milk is regarded as dangerous first, with some exceptions being safe.

The reality is: raw milk is safe, and rarely is it compromised.

Food safety in raw milk production is a simple formula: healthy animals and a healthy working environment using clean equipment.

One of the best advantages to raw milk is that you’re buying direct from the farmer, and that means you can contact them for a tour and see their operations for yourself. There’s no need to guess whether or not your milk is produced in a good environment. You can go to the farm, have a look around, and ask any questions you might have.

Your farmer can show you what they’re doing to provide for the well-being of their animals and how they maintain a clean working environment. If your local source is a small time cottage gig that could use some improvement, you can see it for yourself and help them get there.

2. Raw milk is a complete, nutrient dense, single-ingredient natural food

One cup of raw milk contains 8 grams of protein, 8 grams of fat, and 12 grams of carbohydrates. When you choose raw milk, you’re getting all those macro-nutrients in their purest form. All the enzymatic, probiotic, and yet discovered factors that help you get the most out of those nutrients are kept intact when you choose raw milk.

Milk has long been the dominant single-ingredient natural food for building muscle mass and supplying the body with tons of energy. GOMAD (Gallon Of Milk A Day) is the go-to solution for scrawny guys who want to bulk up, and no natural food is more effective at reaching that goal.

Raw milk is also a good snack, and an effective appetite quencher between meals. There’s no preparation needed, you can pour it in a thermos and carry it with you all day. If you’re at home you can just grab your milk from the fridge and it’s ready to go.

In any case, but especially when you’re drinking milk in bulk, you want to make sure the milk you’re drinking is the most nutrient dense and digestible milk available. That’s raw milk.

3. Raw milk is more nutrient dense than pasteurized milk


When you see the establishment pushing anti-raw milk propaganda, you’ll mostly see them use phrasing like “pasteurization does not significantly reduce _______ nutrient.”

Well, what if we want food whose nutritional quality hasn’t been reduced at all?

The standard of proving that milk has been adequately pasteurized is not a test that measures microbial activity, but a test to confirm that the anti-inflammatory enzyme Alkaline Phosphatase has been destroyed. That should tell you something. Milk pasteurization is deemed complete in practice by confirming that nutritional components have been lost.

Aside from destroying all the enzymes, your opportunity to benefit from the vitamins and minerals found in raw milk is also reduced pasteurization. Milk pasteurization reduces the bioavailability and/ or presence of Calcium, Phosphorus, Copper, Iron, along with Vitamins A, B Complex, C, and E. Beta-lactoglobulin, which aids in the intestinal absorption of Vitamins A and D, is also destroyed though milk pasteurization.

Plenty is lost when raw milk is pasteurized. Not only are the individual nutritional components affected, but the holistic value of milk is eliminated. This is proven by the fact that many people who cannot consume pasteurized milk can enjoy raw milk just fine.

4. Raw milk is enjoyed by many people who thought they were lactose intolerant

Lactase persistence is the genetic expression that enables us to produce the lactose-digesting enzyme, lactase, beyond childhood persisting into adulthood. This is commonly regarded as the deciding factor explaining why some people can drink (pasteurized) milk without experiencing negative effects, while others cannot. Most people on Earth are not lactase persistent, as this gene expression is largely unique to people who descend from Europe.

However, there are cultures with a history of consuming milk who do not have this gene. Mongolians have depended heavily on milk and dairy products for over 3,500 years, yet an estimated 95% of Mongolians do not have the lactase persistence gene. How do they do it? They consume raw milk, raw cheese, and other dairy products that were not pasteurized.

There’s also the question of how this gene expression originated. It was not there to begin with. Archaeological evidence shows us that man was consuming raw milk for thousands of years before the lactase persistence gene became widespread. How did we do it? We consumed raw milk, raw cheese, and other dairy products that were not pasteurized.

Today, many people who have been laboratory tested and diagnosed to be lactose intolerant by medical doctors enjoy raw milk regularly, and to their benefit. Turns out they weren’t lactose intolerant after all, they were pasteurized milk intolerant, and now they’ve expanded their nutritional options to include the vast world of dairy foods by choosing raw milk. Some even report improved tolerance of pasteurized dairy products after beginning to consume raw milk.

5. Raw milk is decentralized, easier to create and harder to take away

In 2020, when state governments shut down many of their institutions and forced private businesses to close down under threat of punishment, this caused a disruption in the food supply chain.

The conventional food economy wasn’t flexible enough to handle this disruption, and wasn’t able to pivot from supplying millions of gallons of pasteurized milk in little pint cartons for school children (just one example) to the extra gallon jugs that would have been purchased from the grocery store. Instead, a lot of that milk was poured down the drain while grocery stores put limits on the amount of milk that you could buy, in some cases one or two gallons per family.

How are you going to see the benefit of any food if it’s unavailable?

Where I’m at, there was no organic or otherwise higher-tier pasteurized milk on the shelf for a two week period. Why? The processing plants where milk is pasteurized bottleneck the market, and when they shut down or slow down, so does your milk supply.

On the other hand, raw milk deliveries never skipped a beat. I never went without raw milk or raw cream throughout the disruption. Raw milk escapes this pitfall because it is decentralized. Raw milk is produced, milked, cooled, and bottled on the farm.

When you buy pasteurized milk, you are buying your milk from the processing company, not the farmer. When you buy raw milk, whether you buy it on the farm or at the grocery store, you are buying that milk as direct from the source as you can get it; no bottlenecks.

Raw milk is good for you

If you’re lucky enough to have raw milk available near you, go get some and try it out. Try raw milk, raw cream, raw butter, raw cheese, raw kefir, and more. If there are no options nearby, see if you can make one. This rapidly emerging raw milk world is rich with opportunities.

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