Upcoming powerlifter Serena Abweh recently competed in the New Mexico State Championship, hosted by United States Powerlifting Association (USPA). Totaling a whopping 316.5 kg (697lb), she broke a ton of her own personal records. 

Serena Abweh’s Amazing Meteoric Rise

At only 20 years old, Serena Abweh has already made some big waves in the powerlifting world. Having beat anorexia in her past, Abweh has used her platform to inspire hundreds of thousands of people and share a positive message. She also has put up some insane numbers, making her one of the best contenders in the 47kg category.

Last Saturday marked her seventh professional competition when she decided to lift in the USPA New Mexico State Championship on a whim. This did not stop her from lifting like an absolute legend and reaching new personal records. 

Sharing her performance on Instagram, Abweh stated:

Little impromptu meet which ends up being the funnest imo, nothin serious just lafs n friends ?

Got all meet PRS though! Weighed in at 47kg and hit

338lb deadlift, super happy about that

220lb squat

140lb bench

Thank you @legionirongym @garylegion gang for making it such a fun meet!☺️?”


All these incredible lifts put her total at 316.5kg, which is nearly 14.5 better than her previous professional total in 2020. What makes matters even more insane is the fact that she accomplished all this without any prior preparation, showing that her daily training and growth is absolutely amazing regardless of the circumstances.

At such a young age, Abweh still has a lot of potential. If she continues to lift at her current rate then we might have a new 47kg world champion on our hands. Make sure to follow her progress because regardless of her decisions, it’s clear she will go on to do great things. 

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