RU58841 is a non-steroidal anti-androgen being developed as a treatment for acne and androgenic alopecia (male pattern baldness).

While it is far from a “Hair Loss Cure,” RU-58841 is without a doubt the most promising and effective treatment available right now for preventing hair loss to the point where it might almost be called “the cure.”

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So why would you need to use RU-58841? In short, for hair loss. Hair loss in men is primarily caused by DHT. In those who are prone to MPB, DHT (a essential and generally helpful hormone) binds to and decreases hair follicles ( which causes male pattern baldness).

This is why it is more frequent for males to go bald than for women; as mens primary hormone is testosterone, while a women’s main hormone is estrogen.

In the body, testosterone turns to DHT, and because males have far more testosterone than women, this eventually leads to excessive hair loss in those who are prone to male pattern baldness. Think of a high T jacked man you know. The Rock, Andrew Tate, and Bruce Willis for example have all had receding hair and are now bald.

DHT is responsible for practically all cases of hair loss; there is a less than 1% chance that your hair loss is caused by something else.

Even for anabolic steroid users, the reason you’re turning bald so quickly is because you’re adding an excessive amount of exogenous hormones into your body that convert directly to DHT, kicking your hair loss into fast mode. As a result, the only option to prevent hair loss is to battle DHT directly.

How Does RU-58841 Work?

When applied directly on your head, RU-58841 drastically reduces hair loss. It works by binding to the hair follicle and blocking DHT from binding to it. This isn’t just broscience either….

NCBI studies on RU58841’s ability to block DHT from reaching scalp hair receptors have shown overwhelmingly positive results.

The exceptionally high topical activity of RU58841 combined with unprecedented selectivity with respect to systemic effects suggest that this compound is a candidate of choice for the local treatment of androgenic alopecia

The Journal of Steroid Bio-Chemistry and Molecular Biology

How To Use RU-58841

RU58841 is very powerful and accomplishes exactly what it claims to do.

A normal dose of 50mg applied once day all over the scalp in areas prone to male pattern baldness should suffice, but some people may need more (this is dependent on a variety of individual-specific factors).

After administering 50mg to the relevant regions, rub it in with your fingertips to ensure that the liquid completely covers the spots, then let it dry.

I (and most other people) recommend using RU-58841 after you’ve washed your hair and it’s absolutely dry.

To wrap it up, RU-58841 is a very powerful tool to use to fight against hair loss. I highly recommend you invest in it if you don’t want to be balding, or go bald.

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