Dr. Shawn Baker showed off an impressive 445-pound deadlift of 10 reps on social media. At age 54, Shawn looks fantastic and a reminder that a man can stay physically impressive at any age.

Shawn Baker’s Impressive Feat of Strength


Shawn is the author of the best-selling Carnivore Diet, a licensed physician, CEO of MeatRx and a promoter of the carnivore diet, which is an all-animal product diet. As we’ve written before, meat, eggs and milk are essential to building a strong, aesthetic and healthy body, not to mention essential for a healthy brain


Almost every day, Shawn shows off his physical performance and fitness through clips of his lifts on Instagram, Twitter and Tik Tok. He’s been on the carnivore diet for nearly five years. He hit the world’s stage and introduced the diet into the mainstream with his appearance was on The Joe Rogan Experience.

Can He Really Be That Fit at 54?

Dr Shawn Baker ? on Twitter: "53 y/o Carnivore diet over 3.5 years!  Lifetime no drugs, no hormones!! Thriving on a meat based diet and hard  work! Anyone that says meat is

Unfortunately, some folks don’t think a man can stay that physically impressive into his 50s. One critic on Twitter insinuated Shawn used performance enhancement drugs. 

Shawn responded:

  1. I don’t take TRT, Steroids, HGH, SARMs, etc…and never have
  2. Testosterone levels change every single hour -1 reading from years ago is a stupid metric.
  3. Read https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6189473/
  4. I’ve got 10,000s of hours of training while you’ve been beat of to images @TheRock

One user responded:

Doc, even if you did… who gives a shit? You have a better physique than most men in your age group. People that are unhappy are always going to look for ways to bring others down.

Shawn said:

I CARE! It’s important for people to realize you don’t need drug to build a decent physique or that every man over 50 should be taking TRT hormone supplement — that’s total nonsense an absolute disservice to millions of men.

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As we’ve noted, men over 50 can pump up their testosterone levels by improving their lifestyle, whether it be lifting, diet, sleep or other habits.

 Whether in his 40s, 50s or 70s, a man can build and maintain his body and strength.

Effects of Shawn Baker’s Carnivore Diet