Imagine if you could inject chemicals into your muscles to make them bigger. Sounds pretty fun right? Wrong. 

Synthol is cheating. Period. Aside from taking shortcuts to success, synthold has MANY downsides and today, all of them will be exposed. 

What is synthol though? Synthol is something you inject into your muscles to make them huge, almost always with an unnatural look. This substance is made up of 85% MCT oil, 7.5% alcohol, and the other 7.5% lidocaine. Already, these chemicals are raising lots of red flags. 

Ultimately, you should not use synthol, and here’s why:

What Does Synthol Do to Your Muscles?

Synthol essentially “blows up” your muscles. Lidocaine is used for a painkiller, while the alcohol sterilizes any potential infectious bacteria. After the synthol syringe is injected into the muscles, the MCT oil expands, causing your muscles to blow up. 

You do not gain any strength with your new big muscles. This is one of the most embarrassing and negative parts of using synthol. You can look like you bench 405 lbs, but in reality you can only do 185. 

Aside from no strength gains, synthol also gives your muscles an unnatural look. You do not become more “aesthetic,” nor do you actually look good. Most synthol users end up looking like they’re wearing a cheap “jacked guy” blow up halloween outfit. 

Synthol Can Lead to Amputation or Death

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Although synthol makes you huge, it’s not worth the risk of amputation or even death. Often, heavy synthol users have to get amputations to save the rest of their body.

In one specific case, the bodybuilder Romario Dos Santos Alves almost had to have his arms amputated completely from using synthol. Luckily he didn’t, but a Russian bodybuilder did.

Kirill Tereshin had to go through three amputation surgeries on his arms. The synthol in his body had blocked blood flow and saturated muscle tissues. 

About three quarters of what the surgeon described as “scar tissue with fragments of muscles” was removed in the first of three whole surgeries. 

Kirilli was more lucky than a Kenyan man who used synthol though. Ronny Rono was reported to have been rushed to the hospital and died on the way as a result of heavy synthol usage. He had previously had surgery to remove synthol from his body, however it was not enough. 

Can Synthol be Removed?

If you haven’t figured it out by now, synthol can be removed but only through surgical procedures. These surgeries are incredibly expensive and painful to go through. There are also good odds that your regular muscle and tissue will be destroyed in the process as well.

Of course, if you’re going to die from synthol, you should get surgery, but it’s best to avoid it all together in the first place. 

Stop looking for shortcuts like synthol, and start working harder in the gym. 

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