In a recent interview with Oprah and Adele, the conversation turned to the weight room. The singer discussed her outstanding weight loss and the emotions that came with such a large transformation, eventually leading up to Adele mentioning her deadlifts. 

Obviously, when speaking about Adele, it’s only normal to think of her music career. With several chart-topping singles and albums, she has become an incredibly popular singer over the past decade. She’s a truly talented individual, having won 15 Grammys. 

To promote her recent album, “30”’, Adele put on a show during a CBS Special. Afterward, she took part in an interview with Oprah where the topic eventually turned to Adele’s weight loss. Over a two-year period, the singer lost 100lbs. While that may seem like a pretty drastic change, Adele did it in an extremely healthy way.


A major component of Adele’s strategy for change was her mindset. She originally wanted to lose the weight, not for her physical appearance but because it was negatively impacting her anxiety. Before the process Adele was very anxious about starting the gym and beginning her fitness journey, stating;

I had the most terrifying anxiety attacks…paralyzed me completely.”

Yet, once she began to lift weights, the change seemed to come almost naturally. Adele revealed she did little to change her diet, often indulging in her favorite foods. It was her drive in the gym that really pushed her transformation.

As it turns out, Adele is pretty strong too. When asked by Oprah about how strong she is, Adele revealed she could deadlift 160lb.

Lots of celebrities use the gym to stay in good shape, as their active lifestyle can be really demanding, but Adele’s relationship with fitness is really awe-inspiring. It just goes to show that no matter who you are, it’s never too late to lift yourself up and better yourself through physical exercise. 

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