I just wanted to share with you this quick story about how one client increased his squat by 100lb in 12 weeks.

My client didn’t take any fancy supplements and mostly ate in a calorie deficit over this 12 week period.

This is merely a tale about how a program, progressive overload, determination, and consistency can accomplish wonderful things.

My client came to me looking to shed some pounds.

He was already a strong squatter to begin with, starting on 255lb for sets of 5, but neglecting the gym since his college days.

Here he is in action:

He had never attempted more than 315lb before.

One evening, feeling a little stronger than usual, he decided to load up 4 plates.

Here is his EASY 4-plate squat:

And smoked it.

The custom program I prescribed him was nothing out of the ordinary.

It was a simple upper-lower split that morphed into a Push-Pull-Legs tailored to his strengths, lifestyle, and goals.

Now imagine what he could accomplish in a few years with a program dedicated to getting as strong as possible?

If you want to experience a similar level of success, book a call with me here to see what we can do.