Brian Shaw is perhaps the most famous strongman of the 21st century, having won the World’s Strongest Man competition four times. To fuel his incredible career, he’s needed some seriously intense diets and this new 9,700 calorie a day program is no exception. 

Beginning strongman in 2005, Brian Shaw is one of the sport’s top athletes and pre eminent personalities. He’s won some of the most important and competitive contests in strongman, including the World’s Strongest Man (WSM) in 2011, 2013, 2015, and 2016. 

At six feet eight inches tall, Shaw naturally possesses a massive frame and thus needs an exorbitant amount of food to fuel his strength. At one point, Shaw was eating 15,000 calories a day to keep up with the recovery and energy necessary to lift all the incredible weight.

At the 2021 WSM, Shaw narrowly contested for first place and ended up finishing second. Since then he has been hitting the gym like crazy, gearing up for the first ever 2021 Rogue International strongman contest. Similarly major adjustments have been made to his diet, beginning with a 5,000 calorie a day cut at the start of 2021. 


Recently Shaw has updated his fans to his new diet in a video on his Youtube channel. Filmed at Costco, Shaw began his video by explaining why he was increasing his calorie count, stating: 

So I talked to Nathan (his trainer). I said, ‘Hey man. I think I gotta switch the diet up and plugin some more food. Get me some more calories so I can start recovering from my training to feeling a little bit better. Just feeling stronger overall.”

Shaw’s diet tour starts in the produce aisle. He’s allowed some fruits to work in between protein, and Shaw tends to go for Honey-crisp apples, and variates between blackberries and blueberries. To get in some extra leafy greens and vitamins, he goes for spinach and spring mix.

While Shaw gets most of his primary proteins, specifically red meat, from the food delivery service Trifecta, he chooses to grab his steaks at Costco. For carbohydrates, Shaw chooses to pair his protein with a 50lb bag of rice and a couple jars of pasta sauce. Later, he grabs some alkaline water to stay hydrated, poking fun at the constant dehydration of his fellow strongman and friend, Eddie Hall.

Cheat meals are few and far between in Shaw’s diet, when he’s allowed he goes for cheesecake. Picking up a variety pack, Shaw goes into depth talking about how excited he is for the eventual moment where he can cheat on his strict diet.

Shaw ended the video on a funny note, bringing up a video by Julius Maddox, another important strongman, in which he claims he is the best basketball player above 400 pounds. Little did he know that Shaw used to play basketball at a high level in college, hinting at a possible rivalry or pickup match between the two.

With his new 9,700 calorie diet, Shaw is in prime condition to compete. If his amazing performances at the 2021 WSM and 2021 Arnold Strongman indicated that 5,000 calories were resulting in some great strength, then twice those calories would logically entail he might be even stronger in the competitions to come. 

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