Strongmen Hafthor Bjornsson and Eddie Hall have been gearing up to box each other for almost a year. Now with the match in close proximity, Hall has issued another element to the fight, the loser gives a large donation to charity. Recently,  Bjornsson accepted the challenge and decided to up the stakes as well.

While strongmen are notorious for their great manners, Bjornsson and Hall’s feud seems to be the one exception. The two have been beefing for years, constantly trying to get one over the other at various strongman events. Their rivalry culminated in a boxing challenge despite neither having a combat background, with the match set on September 18, 2021. Unfortunately it had to be postponed as Hall was facing a series of unfortunate injuries. 

Bjornsson would go on to fight another accomplished strongman, Devon Larratt, and win in the first round with a knockout victory. Yet, Hall was unimpressed by the accomplishment and eagerly sought to find another date to fight his rival Bjornsson. To further entice Bjornsson, Hall issued a challenge; whoever loses must donate $100,000 to the charity the winner chooses.

Bjornsson did not immediately response to Hall, provoking the later to up the stakes and claim he would personally donate $200,000 if he was to lose. Hall stated;

“Well, it’s been over a week and he’s ignored me, and I’ve heard from a mutual friend that he doesn’t want to do the deal because he’s scared to lose. Which, I don’t blame him. So, I want to make this a bit easier for you Thor, and please everyone put pressure on him now. So the new deal is, if I beat you, you have to pay $100,000 to my choice of charity. If you beat me, I will pay $200,000 to your choice of charity”


In response, Bjornsson took the Youtube and uploaded a video explaining his side of things. He explained why he did not immediately response, saying;

I didn’t ignore you. I have other things in my life I have to take care of — training, my sleep, my new nutrition, and, of course, my family.”

In regards to the issued challenge, Bjornsson happily accepted. He even decided to match Hall’s $200,00 donation if he were to lose. In fact, Bjornsson stated that he wants both fighters to put up $200,000 no matter what, so that $400,000 would be put to the winner’s charity. Finally, he ended his video with a bold declaration;

“I predict to knock you out in round four. How? With an uppercut. So be ready, train smart, train hard, stop the bullshit. Let’s make this fight happen.”

Hall took no time to respond, uploading his own video the very same day. While he accepted that they should both put up $200,000, the loser should be uniquely punished. He said;

“$200,000 each for charity, done, done deal, let’s lock that in, promoter write that in the contract. My counter offer whoever loses pays $1,000,000 to charity.”


Clearly, the two’s rivalry is only being deepened in the build up to their boxing match. Some serious money could be on the line. Regardless, it will definitely be an epic showdown when a date is established.

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