On September 25, the 2021 America’s Strongest Man contest was held in San Antonio, Texas. Previous winner, Nicolas Cambi, ended up dominating the under 105kg category while Josh Silvas won the Open Division, both winding up with a cash prize of $12,000.

Nicolas Cambi and Josh Silvas Win America’s Strongest Man

U105KG Strongman Nicolas Cambi Claims Victory at the 2021 Clash on the  Coast | BarBend

Every year the America’s Strongest Man contest is held, assembling the literal strongest men in the USA to see who really is the best. The competition is split into two categories, athletes below 105kg and those above 105kg. This year’s contest was a single day event in which participants battled it out over six events. These events consisted of Fingal’s Fingers, Log Lift, Max Deadlift, Loading Race, Bag over Bar, and Texas Stone.

A pro strongman since 2015 and the America’s Strongest Man in the U105kg division for six years running, Nicolas Cambi lived up to his reputation yet again. Winning the 2021 Clash at the Corral only a couple months prior, he continued his winning streak by scoring 5.5 points above the rest of the competition. Here’s the full competition results.

2021 America’s Strongest Man Results — U105KG

  1. Nicolas Cambi — 50.5 points | $12,000
  2. James Deffinbaugh — 45 points | $5,000
  3. Jeffrey Lee — 39.5 points | $3,000

He gracefully responded to his 6th consecutive victory in a Instagram post, stating:

“Every year I did America’s Strongest Man, I went into the contest believing I was going to win, it just took the 6th year to get the job done! If you consider yourself a top athlete in your sport, always shoot for the top but understand there is process involved and there are no short cuts around hard work. Now the question is, can I win the title more than once “


Meanwhile, Josh Silvas absolutely decimated the Open Division, winning four out of the six events. He still did great in the rest of the events, earning a respectable third place in the loading race and fourth place in the Texas Stone. In regards to his victory, he also keep it extremely humble, commenting:

“I came in as an amateur, beat the pros, WON, now I became a pro! I Am America’s Strongest Man 2021! Thank you God for allowing me your strength, blessings, and love to do this”

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