I started the summer superhero program in late January of 2023, exactly 12 weeks ago. After following it to a T, I have reaped the rewards.

15 lbs of muscle and massive strength gains later, I am here to write about my review.

A fair warning, this program is not for the light hearted and lazy. This requires discipline, effort, and constant improvement.

If that is not for you walk away. But… if you want to experience major gains, the continue on.

Summer Superhero Benefits (Steroid Accusations?)

Before we get too far into the program and talk about the technical lifting and structure, here’s the fun part. The benefits.

This is a quick overview list of all my accomplishments on it:

  • Gained 15 lbs of muscle
  • Increased squat by 20 lbs
  • Increased power clean by 40 lbs
  • Increased bench by 15 lbs
  • Added 2 inches to quads
  • Added an inch to my arms
  • Noticeably wider back and chest

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If you put in the effort and follow basic diet principles, you can expect similar results. I’ve even had people accuse me of being on steroids after they saw the crazy gains I was making.

That image above is of me power cleaning 245 lbs at 180-185 lbs body weight. Pretty impressive considering my previous PR was only 205 lbs.

This win came in the last phase of the summer superhero, which we will get to later.

Aside from the obvious size changes (which is seen in the featured image towards the top) my strength gains went through the roof.

The summer superhero program not only makes you aesthetic, it makes you strong too. This works great for all types of lifters.

Powerlifters, bodybuilders, and even athletes will benefit from starting this. Now let’s get into what the program is like.

Phase 1

As I said before, the summer superhero has 3 phases split into 12 weeks total. The first phase is more of an acclimation phase, where you prepare your body for the intense lifting you will be doing over the next 8 weeks.

Phase 1 of the summer superhero is based off of an upper/lower lifting split where you work each muscle group 2x a week.

You only lift 4x a week, so if you’re busy with work this would be a great place to start. You can make gains by only using phase 1 of the program.

During phase 1, you utilize compound lifts to make the most of your gains. Compound lifts are exercises that hit multiple muscle groups. Bench press, pull-ups, rows, etc. After you are finished with the compound lifts, you finish it off with isolation.

Turns out you don’t need a “bro split” where you do biceps or back for a certain day of the week. You can combine it all together.

Phase 2

Phase 2 is where the heat gets turned up.

Instead of lifting for just 4 days a week, you increase that to 6. “Wow how can you handle all the volume?” I hear someone asking.

The answer is simple-

Your muscles only need 48 hours of rest before you can lift with those muscle groups again. Let’s say that I did an upper day with bench press on Monday at 5 pm. This means I shouldn’t hit chest/back muscles again until Wednesday at 5 pm when my muscles are fully recovered.

We will talk more about recovery later, because without it you will crash and burn with this intense lifting program.

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Just like in Phase 1, you are expected to do both compound and isolation lifts for this phase.

But what about reps? Inside the summer superhero program, you are given the exact reps and weight % to do so that you maximize your potential gains.

The final unique addition to Phase 2 is that there is an arms-focused day and dynamic lower body day added.

This means that you’ll have a nice fun arm day where you can pump up and do tons of curls. It also means that the day after that you’ll have to bite the bullet and do challenging dynamic lifts like power cleans.

Phase 3

After you’ve gone through the first and second phases, it’s time for the home stretch. The final phase.

In all honesty, this phase isn’t at all different from phase 2. You are expected to continue using the progressive overload tracker sheets inside, so you keep making gains. Using progressive overload to track gym progress is the key to success.

Phase 3 is where I decided to PR and hit 425 lbs on squat, which again, I did at 185 lbs. This is about 2.3X my body weight.

I also increased my bench from 275 to 290.

How To Make The Most From The Summer Superhero

Now that you’re going to use this program, here’s how to best use it so you can maximize your gains.

I recommend going on either a slight caloric intake or a heavy bulk (which I did). Do what makes the most sense for you. Maybe you’re reading this in the summer and don’t want to lose your 6 pack for when you go to the pool.

No matter, you will still make gains regardless.

The rest of the advice I will give is very basic, yet overlooked by 99% of people.

I guarantee that you aren’t doing these 4 basic steps right now. How much sleep do you actually get a night? Do you track your sleep? If not, start now.

Clean eating requires a bit of a mindset shift. Stop viewing junk food as a reward, or even an option for you to eat. A donut or ice cream sandwich won’t hurt every now and then, but keep it to a minimum.

If you aren’t supplementing creatine, I have no clue what you’re doing. Creatine is similar to a natural steroid. If there was something with zero side effects but made you stronger, bigger, and improved your endurance, why not take it?

Progressive overload is also an easy switch you need to make. Instead of lifting weights and then forgetting what you did, write it down in your notebook in between sets. Everyone is on their phone anyways.

Once you’ve got week (A) logged, the next week (B), do more reps or weight than you did the previous week and log that again.

This program should be 12 weeks of constant mini-improvements so that when you look back it all looks like one giant improvement.


If you’ve made it this far, congratulations. Clearly, you’re interested in the summer superhero program and can see how it will change your life.

You can start your journey now by clicking the link below to the summer superhero program.

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