While most people interested in looking big choose to hit the gym and develop their muscles the proper way, others, like the Russian “bodybuilder” Kirill Tereshin, choose to inject synthol. Now Tereshin’s body modifications have gotten so severe that doctors say he risks death if they are not removed soon.


Kirill Tereshin’s Synthol Injections

Russian Synthol Kid Has Oil Removal Surgery - YouTube

In the bodybuilding world, synthol is a substance primarily composed of oil. It is injected into the body to enlarge and reshape certain muscle groups, most notably the arms and shoulders. 

Some people choose to only inject a small amount to attain a more natural look while others inject larger quantities and develop unnatural and quite frankly, freakish, physique. Regardless of the amount, synthol is known for being incredibly dangerous, common side effects include nerve damage, infections, strokes, heart attacks, blockage of the pulmonary artery, and much much more. 

Tereshin is not the only public figure to inject synthol, but he has risen to fame in recent years due to the extremity of his injections. Commonly referred to as “the Synthol Kid”, Tereshin first appeared in the documentary, BIGOREXIA, where the psychological condition, Muscle Dysphoria, was examined. 

Tereshin always sees himself as small, resulting in the drive to become as big as possible. At 20 years old he injected a massive amount of synthol into his triceps, leading to the cartoonish, balloon-like arms we see today. 

It has now been four years since Tereshin first used synthol, and he has had plenty of health issues since. The oil has since become poisonous and has started to damage the muscles in his arms. Already Tereshin has had two surgeries to drain some of the oil, but a recent Instagram post revealed he has gone back to the surgery room once again. 


Now with his life on the line, Tereshin is beginning to see the errors of his ways. While his physique has won him a lot of Internet fame, he says he completely regrets his decision. Hopefully, the synthol is completely removed from his arms so that he can overcome his mistake and live a healthier life. 

Let Tereshin’s example be a lesson to all those who consider synthol as an alternative to working hard in the gym. While the oil produces instant results, they come at a price. 

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