A shocking study suggests that smoking cigarettes actually raises your testosterone levels!  

In this study, researchers looked to find the associations between smoking cigarettes (tobacco) and testosterone levels.

The researchers took 3,427 men who belonged to a cross-sectional population-based group.

Additional important information includes:

“Total testosterone, luteinizing hormone, follicle-stimulating hormone, and sex hormone-binding globulin levels were measured with immunoassay while free testosterone levels were calculated. Waist circumference was also measured and two standardized questionnaires were completed, including smoking status and number of cigarettes smoked”


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This means that the study group’s hormonal health was also taken into account, aside from just testosterone levels.

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Smoking and Testosterone: New Research

For a while, I’ve suspected that smokers have always been higher t alpha men. Why is that? Anecdotal evidence.

If you look at dudes who smoke, they look very different when compared with average soy face guys. Smokers are portrayed as more jacked, while nonsmokers are normal.

No longer is this just a suspicion. Studies confirm what I’ve thought all along.

“Smoking men had significantly higher levels of total and free testosterone compared with men who never smoked (p < 0.001 and <0.01 respectively). Both total and free testosterone levels increased significantly with increasing number of cigarettes smoked daily (p < 0.001). Smoking men had 15% higher total and 13% higher free testosterone levels compared with men who never smoked. Thus, smoking seems to be an important confounding factor when evaluating testosterone levels, and could possibly mask borderline hypogonadism”


This study proves that your testosterone levels can be raised by 15%, and free testosterone can be raised by 13%.

Now, I’m not calling for everyone to go smoke cigarettes, because they aren’t great for you. If you simply want a testosterone boost, do the big things first before you put your health at risk for a 15% raise.

Other Ways To Improve Testosterone

  • Take herbs such as: Ashwagandha, Fenugreek, and Tongkat Ali which have all been proven to raise your t
  • Lower your body fat
  • Lift weights and exercise regularly
  • Use a reverse osmosis filter to get rid of endocrine-disrupting chemicals in your water
  • Avoid plastics
  • Avoid processed foods

Your testosterone is your driving force, and quite literally determines how well you face conflicts in your life. Think of testosterone like a bull, charging full speed at a target.

To wrap it up, this study shows that smoking cigarettes does in fact raise your testosterone. Again, it’s not the most healthy thing for you to do, however, it will raise your testosterone if that is how you desire to do it.

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