You should buy this eBook to grow your Twitter account and increase your social media presence.

If you wish to boost your following in a few months, this eBook is brimming with useful tips, pointers, and content analyzing the clearest path to success.

In the past, we have written about how you can grow your social media presence.

Although the Wild West days of social media are a relic of the past, you can still begin to promote your brand and capture more views for your product.

How to Start Growing your Twitter

Grow your Twitter
Twitter engagement

You can leverage a greater following by well executed posts, an exciting bio, memorable name, and stimulating content — leaving your fans thirsting for more, figuratively.

Self-improvement Blogger and Twitter superstar LifeMathMoney has released a wonderful eBook on how to help you amass a five-figure following in a few months.

In the synopsis, LifeMathMoney says: “The Art of Twitter is a guide to help you grow your Twitter account from scratch i.e. from 0 followers to 10,000 followers and beyond without spending a single penny on advertising or retweets.

Like with every marketing venture, you need to know your audience.

By blending a healthy admixture of emotion and logic, peppered with compelling calls to action, you too can garner a commanding following to help promote your brand.

Why You Should Get This eBook

In his own words, LifeMathMoney writes: “Simply put, this guide has been around for some time now (you get all the updates for free, forever) and has helped many people get to 10,000 real, engaged followers (you can see some of their reviews below).

Some information about the author:

I started my Twitter journey on 18th May, 2018 because I needed a platform to promote my blog. Today (as of July 2020), I have over 170,000 followers. You can go ahead and verify that at

I’ve grown other accounts from scratch as well, such as @48_quotes and @bookofpook – which are completely automated and have tens of thousands of their own followers. Passive accounts alone bring me many thousands of US dollars each month in passive income. 

The eBook will also outline how to set up various passive income streams while treating the reader to a three-month subscription to tweety automation software, Hypefury.

The writer also compares various profile pages and systematically analyzes their appeal to new followers.

He identifies subtle errors committed by prolific users that may prevent them from accumulating EVEN MORE followers.

However, despite giving you the tools to avoid making unnecessary mistakes, LifeMathMoney underscores that this eBook is not a magic wand: “Firstly, there are no secrets or real growth hacks, neither anywhere else nor in this guide. 

Everything in here you can figure out for yourself by spending 3 – 6 months Tweeting by yourself. 

The objective of this guide is not to give you any special techniques or tricks or “hacks”, but to cut down on that 3 months of “I don’t know what I’m doing”. 

This guide will save you ~150 hours of learning by trial and error.

However, this does not mean that there are any “swallow-pill-and-cured” type ideas in here. If you are expecting some sort of secret trick or hack or magic spell – you will be disappointed.” 

LifeMathMoney then lays out a ten-point list of what the eBook contains:

The First Ten Steps to Success

LifeMathMoney outlines ten key points to setting your Twitter wheels in motion.

They include:

1. Planning your themes (including notes on how to pick what topics to write about if you’re unsure where to start)

2. Setting your account up like a pro

– Picking a Name and Handle

– Picking your profile and header photos

– Crafting a great bio

We will also review many actual profiles and see what could be improved.

3. Common Twitter strategies that don’t work and those that don’t work well

4. A working strategy to follow as you climb from 0 to 5,000 followers

5. A working strategy to follow as you go from 5,000 to 10,000 followers

6. A long term strategy once you reach 10,000 followers

7. Creating better tweets and getting more engagement out of your tweets (note that this is not a writing guide – I give you the basics, the rest is easy to learn as you will have plenty of feedback on the field)

8. Monetizing your Twitter account

9. How to avoid getting banned from Twitter

10. Creating fully passive and automated accounts

Apart from dozens of 5 star reviews from casual readers, the eBook is littered with positive testimonials from prominent self-improvement bloggers such as Jon Anthony from and Dr. Ralph Napolitano.

Jon Anthony’s video review

I also rate this wonderful eBook very highly as somebody who has enjoyed success on social media in the past.

It would take a complete novice at least several months — if not, years! — of painstaking trial and error to understand the key aspects fully explicated in this resourceful eBook.

If you’d like to purchase this eBook to start growing your Twitter and enjoying a competitive advantage, click HERE.


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