The dumbbell decline press is an awesome chest builder that is almost never used as other more popular variations of the dumbbell press often take precedence.

The decline press is arguably the best all-round chest developing exercise and lower pec pounder, period.

Unfortunately, many adjustable benches don’t descend below parallel or gyms aren’t equipped with a decline bench.

However, there are little tweaks you can use to get around this and reap the fullest benefit of your chest day.

The Dumbbell Decline Press

Not much is needed to be said about this cool variation of the dumbbell press.

Most guys who have set foot in a gym will have done the flat or incline dumbbell press.

Other lifters may hop on the barbell decline press either as a means to target their lower pecs or to ego lift as they can handle more weight in this position.

However, ego aside, lifters — especially those with lagging lower pecs — can gain a lot from the dumbbell decline press when they apply a controlled tempo, slow negative, and squeezing contraction at the top of the movement.

As some gyms may lack the appropriate set up to do this variation, what you can do is either set up as you would for a flat dumbbell press or begin the floor press position and put your feet up to arch your upper body.

This would mimic the position of a dumbbell decline press without the proper equipment at hand.

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