This one weird trick will make you more athletic — and fast!

Scientists were amazed by the recently made discover–

I’m just messing with you.

But the best way to get more athletic — and fast — isn’t to undertake some difficult, over-elaborate, unsustainable training regimen.

It isn’t by forking out well-earned money on overpriced programs or courses.

How to Become More Athletic — Fast

Athletic Arnie
Arnie being athletic

The number one best way to get more athletic — and fast — is to lose fat.

And thankfully, Herculean Strength has a growing reserve of free resources to help you achieve your fat loss goals and athleticism forged in the weight room.

That’s it.

Granted, some people are natural athletes, while others may need years of dedication and hard training to get there, losing fat is the best way to get there.

Wanna sprint faster, jump higher, do more pullups/dips, become more agile?

Well, lose fat.

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Most people underestimate how fat they are, in my experience.

Think you’re 15% bodyfat? The chances are that you’re 5-10% higher.

Say you’re 200lb and 20% bodyfat; you’d need to lose 24lb to get down to 10%!

Around 10-14% bodyfat is the best place to be for athletes, depending on their sport. You’d need a little more natural cushioning for some contact sports such as rugby.

Imagine how much more athletic you could be by losing a good portion of those 24lb?

The problem with fat is that it is very mechanically inefficient, unlike muscle.

Losing fat helps with generating a greater rate of force development when sprinting or jumping as there’s a lighter total load.

In my personal experience, I was a lot quicker at around 215lb bodyweight with a max squat of 350lb in my early 20s than weighing 270lb and squatting 600lb for reps a few years ago — even though my potential rate of force development through a significantly greater squat total was a lot higher.

One study, that had participants don a weighted vest while running, showed that a 5% reduction in weight improved 3,000 meter run times by 3.1%, while a 10% weight reduction improved times by 5.2%.

Another study found that for a 170lb athlete, a fat gain of 3.4 pounds (2%) drastically reduced their athletic output, potentially resulting in a vertical jump height loss of 2 inches and a 40-yard dash time increase of 0.26 seconds after a fat gain anybody could easily sustain over a Christmas Holiday period — night and day!

A rough weekend on the beer and eating junk food could result in a noticeable drop in performance.

Therefore, a combination of strength training and fat loss will optimize athleticism while the athlete attempts to abstain from overeating or indulging in the “good” life.

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Unfortunately, I learned the hard way that keeping the body fat percentage down was far more effective at athletic expressions than doubling my squat.

Fat is extremely mechanically inefficient and it’s also highly estrogenic — both of which you want to avoid like the plague if you’re a young man in search of a good physique.

The chances are, your favorite NFL offensive linesman is not as estrogenic — for reasons that can’t be discussed here — as the average person of a similar body fat percentage.

Anyway, if you’re a discerning athlete, we can help you master the strength-building side of your craft below!

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