Fitness enthusiasts may have a tough time finding the right beef cut for them — but we have a solution for you. Marbled steaks make accurate calorie counting a thing of guesswork as it’s almost impossible to track the exact amount of fat.

Additionally, steaks can be quite expensive, to add salt in the wound — which is why we’ve decided to include the below graphic to help assist you in finding the right beef cuts for you in your quest to become a demigod.

Below, we’ve mapped out cost, protein and fat content, as well as quality and preferred cooking method, so that you can begin reaping the most rewards from your (missed) steaks.

The Beef Cut Cheat Sheet

beef cut cheat sheet
beef cut cheat sheet

We have started off by separating each cut by quality and price. Some leaner cuts, although higher in protein and lower in fat, lack flavor and/or tenderness, and are better used for stews.

Other loin cuts may be pricier, but boast more flavor and their texture boasts a delectable eating experience.

Beef, despite its higher fat content, is protein source of choice for many lifters due to its creatine, B-vitamin, nitrogen, and iron content.

Pound for pound, other lean protein sources such as chicken or turkey contain more protein than beef, but lack the same satiety in the kitchen or power at the gym the king of muscle-building protein sources has to offer.

And now you’ll have a complete yet succinct guide to choosing the right beef cuts for every occasion.

Remember: strong muscular men are called beefcakes, not chicken breast cakes!

If you need more assistance other than choosing the right beef cuts, try our nutrition bundle that contains a cookbook here.
Amazing steak compilation to make you hungry

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