The oft-neglected hip flexors can help you step up your game, run faster, jump higher, strike harder, and become an overall better athlete.

Serious track athletes might train their hip flexors to help give them an edge over the competition.

But all athletes could benefit greatly by training these forgotten muscles.

No athlete ever got worse at their sport by sprinting faster — so what’s stopping you from reaping the same rewards?

Stronger Hip Flexors, Better Athlete

Yeah, yeah — we all know that you Squat, Deadlift, Lunge and Clean.

But do you train your hip flexors directly?

You can train your hip flexors indirectly through all of the aforementioned exercises — which are great, by the way — but are you focusing on them to bolster your craft?

If the answer is no, then you should rectify this immediately.

The hip flexors are responsible for a lot.

What is a Hip Flexor? - Plano Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Center

The Hip Flexors lift the knee up towards the body and often work in concert with the lower abdominal muscles.

Having strong Hip Flexors can increase stride frequency, stride length, knee lift speed, propel your body forward as you sprint, and make you an overall faster sprinter.

Another benefit from strong Hip Flexors comes in their role for deceleration — which can be handy for athletes who require a lot of agility, including changing directions.

You may need to modify your sprinting technique a little to get the most out of having strong Hip Flexors.

There are two ways to train them: 1) by selective activation in the Squat/Lunge lockout portion and 2) Direct activation through isolated movement.

Check out our article on how you too can train your hip flexors to become a better athlete.

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