You read that right — a resistance band can help you get huge arms.

So, if you have puny pythons, listen up: adding a resistance band into your training can help you add mass to your guns.

And no, we don’t expect you to Curl and Kickback an empty resistance band by itself like a backstage pro-wrestler before a match or a bodybuilder trying to snag a quick pump before going out on stage.

You will have to do a little more than that!

How to use a Resistance Band to Maximize your Gains and Build Huge Arms

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Basically, all you will be doing is to add a resistance band to a few compound movements to increase the total resistance towards the end of the movement — near lockout or peak contraction where the arms are doing most of their work.

The beauty of this quick addition to your workout is that you will be working with a supramaximal load on your compound movements — meaning that you will be handling weight loads you otherwise can’t do, but with the speed you generate from your larger muscles, you can power through your mechanically weaker portions of the lift. 

For example, say you are Close-Grip Bench Pressing 225lb for 6 reps with a resistance band that adds 50lb of tension at lockout, you are effectively locking out 275lb at a higher rate of force development than you could Close-Grip Bench Press 275lb with the addition tension throughout the movement provided by the resistance band.

An added bonus to this training method is that it can translate to greater strength gains as well.

This could manifest in various forms; for example, you can use resistance bands to increase tension on your Bench Press, Rows, Dips, Chins, Overhead Press, etc.

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You can also use them to add tension near peak contraction on Curls and Rope Extensions if you so wish.

One quicker pointer we’d like to add is that this training method does abide by a law of diminishing marginal returns. This means that after a few weeks/months, your gains may dry up and it can be more taxing on your Central Nervous System — as you are training supramaximally. 

Try incorporating this technique on a month on, month off basis for best results if your arms are a lagging body part.

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