On June 20, Tom Stoltman won the 2021 World’s Strongest Man competition in Sacramento, California. The 27-year-old Scottish athlete became the 23rd man since the contest began in 1977 to be crowned the World’s Strongest Man. The U.S.’s Brian Shawn and Canada’s Maxime Bouderealut came in second and third, respectively. The competition had 25 participants, 3 of which withdrew early.

Tom Stoltman is World’s Strongest Man

Tom Stoltman wins World's Strongest Man 2021 as Brit beats Brian Shaw in  Atlas Stones showdown to take first-ever title - Watch Live - Free Stream -  Techbondhu News

Stoltman made his way to the finals after beating Mark Felix then crushed Day One with first-place finishes in the Giant’s Mdely and Titan’s Turntable then tied for second in the Keg Toss, which he entered with a 7 point lead. His lead narrowed after Shaw set a record-setting keg toss of 7.75 meters. On Day Two, Shaw narrowed the gap difference to one point after the Log Lift and KNAACK Deadlift, but Stoltman came out on top in the Atlas Stones event.

Nicknamed the “The King of Stones” and the holder of the current record for the Stone Lift, he loaded all five stones, which had weights ranging from 310 to 465 pounds, in 20.21 seconds and claimed victory.

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Stoltman has competed in WSM twice, winning second place at the 2020 World Strongest Man, which Ukraine’s Oleskii Novikov won. The Scottish athlete vowed he’d take home the crown in 2021, telling Fitness Volt

…most importantly I want to win that World’s Strongest Man title more than anything right now. I was this close this year, and I said before this competition that in 2020 I’d get on the podium and 2021 I’d win it. I’ve got to keep that promise. I said to my wife that I didn’t want to win it without her being here.

Speaking to USA Today, he said a major motivator was his brother, Luke, another strongman and who came in seventh in the competition:

If I didn’t have Luke, I wouldn’t be sitting here as World’s Strongest Man. ..He is the one that keeps my head up when I’m performing not the best, and he helps me get through to the finish, which is exactly what he did today.

The strongman also told USA Today he wanted to fulfill a promise to his mom:

My mom was the reason. …When I make a promise, I want to fulfill that promise. I just used the adrenaline, and her and my family back home as well. I just put it all up into one big ball and use that to help me get over the [finish] line.

You need to keep working and stay humble' says Invergordon Strongman Tom  Stoltman

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