Throughout the globe, men have been starting to lift and develop jacked upper bodies. While this is a good thing, most guys are going to look like upside doritos in a couple years if the trend of skipping leg day keeps up. 

 Let’s face it, no one likes hitting legs. 

It takes forever to recover and you’re sore for a couple days if you did it right. You’re pretty much always in a state of pain or cramping. But- being in this state is far better than the negative effects of skipping leg day. 

Today, we’re going to go over the top 5 reasons you should never skip leg day. Don’t be a typical gym bro, be a gym pro. 

You Look Ridiculous

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If you google an image of a guy who doesn’t skip legs he looks ridiculous. He has a strong upper body with a nice v-taper, however it doesn’t add up when you see his twig sized legs.

It almost looks better to not hit upper body at all if you don’t hit legs. Either be huge everywhere, or be skinny. 

You will be so unproportional that people make fun of you, even if you have an Arnold like upper body build. 

It’s not worth being called chicken legs bro, don’t skip leg day. 

You’re More Athletic

A good number of gym goers combine an athletic sport with it, whether it’s competitive or just on the side. 

Personally, I used to play football so hitting legs was a must. If I didn’t hit my legs, everyone would be faster, more explosive and more stable than me. 

Almost every sport requires good leg muscles to be good at it. Even if you box or do mma on the side, strong legs are a must. 

Let’s say you hypothetically got into a street fight. If you had strong legs, you could likely outrun whoever is attacking you, or end the fight in an instant with a front kick to the head. 

Aside from athletics, everyday tasks also require a strong leg base. Moving a lawn mower, walking up a long flight of stairs, and even a light jog requires leg muscle. Don’t skip legs. 

No Lower Back Pain Later In Life

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Want to know something shocking? 84% of people are affected at some point by lower back pain in life. Do you think these people ever hit legs? Absolutely not. 

Common leg lifts can drastically improve the strength in your hamstrings; lower back, glutes, calves and quads. Being strong in all these areas will lead to less pain later in life. 

The back squat is great to strengthen not only your legs, but your whole posterior chain. The posterior chain includes your lower back, and I can personally attest to this. 

Trust me, when you’re an 70-80 year old grandpa struggling to walk without a balance bar, you’ll look back and curse the 20 year old you for skipping leg day. 

Just keep in mind that you can actually injure your lower back and cause permanent pain if you don’t have good form! Don’t ego lift- get your form down first. 

Leg Day Speeds Up Your Metabolism

I’m going to assume that everyone reading this has tried hitting legs at least once. You know how your body feels different after a leg day as opposed to a chest day? That’s because legs have an afterburn-like effect where your metabolism is sped up for about 24 hours. 

A fast metabolism is extremely helpful if you’re trying to lose weight. Of course, there are supplements to speed up your fat loss but they’re usually $40+. Save yourself some money and go hit legs. 

Increased Testosterone 

Did you know that when you hit legs, you actually boost testosterone? You’re pretty much telling your body to produce more muscle, which leads to bigger muscles everywhere. 

It’s not a crazy amount like you’d get after injecting straight testosterone, but every little bit helps. 

The reason hitting legs produces more muscle is because lots of leg lifts are compound exercises, meaning they use more than one muscle group. 

Squats are my favorite to increase testosterone and HGH (human growth hormone). Don’t worry- your balls won’t shrink and you won’t get roid rage, this is a natural boost. Lifting heavy on squats makes me feel like a caveman after I’m done.

To wrap it up, don’t skip leg day. If you skip leg day, you’ll look ridiculous and get no credit for the hard work you’ve put into your upper body. You are also more athletic when you develop leg muscle. If you lift on leg day, you can avoid lower back pain later in life due to a strengthened posterior chain. Hitting leg muscle groups also speeds up your metabolism and releases muscle growing chemicals such as testosterone and hgh. 

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