Everyone wants gains, but what is the best training frequency for you? Many experienced bro scientists might give you varying answers, but how do you come to the correct conclusion.

There is actually an easy solution for this question.

A lot easier than you think.

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To get maximum gains, training frequency — alongside training volume and progressive overload — is one of the most important factors you must consider.

But how do you get there?

Well, to find the answer, you must ask yourself another important question.

What is the Best Gym Training Frequency for Me?

That question is: am I natural or enhanced?

If you’re an enhanced lifter and asking yourself this question, you are TOO INEXPERIENCED to be enhanced.

As we explain in this article, you should have completed various prerequisites before even daring to take performance enhancing drugs.

The chances are that you’re a natural lifter and that you’re following a traditional “Bro Split”.

Bro Splits are suboptimal for natural lifters for one simple reason.

You aren’t training with enough frequency — and you are leaving a ton of gains on the table.

Natural lifters have a window of 48-72 hours to recover — and grow — after each training session.

Think of it this way… how many opportunities for growth do you want to have in a year?

Do you want 52? 104? 156?

Well, if you’re natural and following a Bro Split, then you are limiting yourself to a mere 52 opportunities for growth per year.

And that is assuming that you are training with ample frequency and NOT taking any weeks off.

We are all aware of the gym bro’s trope of skipping leg day.

Other days can be skipped too; public holidays, celebrations, illness, life getting in the way, etc., can all derail your long term progress.

Progress is cumulative.

And so are bad habits.

They all add up.

Why not choose a training split that enables you to tap into the most opportunities for growth possible?

Try our Resolution eBook that contains a whopping 10 different training splits to help you find your ideal program.

You don’t have to training each muscle group 3-4 times per week, even though it is an option.

You simply need to be sensible in your workouts.

Understanding training volume is imperative in constructing your ideal training split with optimal training frequency.

This doesn’t mean going balls to the wall 3x per week.

You are stimulating, not annihilating your muscles.

Remember that.

One of the biggest mistakes I see among novice lifters is to add WAY TOO MUCH training volume and training frequency into their programs.

Some people will do 20-30 sets of chest and shoulder exercises twice a week and wonder why they aren’t making sufficient progress and rack up injuries.

You need to allow your body time to recover.

Be sensible in choosing your volume within your training frequency.

Muscle is stimulated in the gym, and made in the kitchen/bedroom.

You don’t grow muscle in the gym.

You don’t need to train every single day to make gains.

Some Golden Era bodybuilders such as Arnie have done the fitness community a disservice in leading them to believe that insane daily workouts are necessary to get big.

Don’t forget that these guys were pioneers in their craft where science on training frequency was limited.

They were also leveraging various compounds and taking their recovery seriously.

Unfortunately, this isn’t you.

Dial your training frequency to suit your lifestyle and goals.

What Does The Science Say

Final Words

Your best training frequency, general speaking, will be to train 2-3 times per week, with moderate volume on each training session, with a view to get stronger.

Enhanced lifters can get away with a lot more volume in their training sessions — because they are enhanced.

Enhanced lifters will have faster recovery times, improved nutrition partitioning, muscle density, nitrogen retention, strength, etc., thus allowing them to handle bigger loads at higher volumes.

As natural lifters, you aren’t afforded this luxury.

But turn that frown upside down, I can guarantee you that you can get jacked by upping your training frequency, improving your rest and nutrition.

Within a few years, you will get “steroid” accusations from your peers.

Just be sensible with your training frequency.

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