The Pallof Press is one of those deceptively challenging exercises designed to bulletproof your core that are greatly overlooked by many.

If you want core stability and a more toned midsection after your cut, we recommend that you try this unusual exercise.

Why Do The Pallof Press

Complete Strength 15 - Trainer Workout by Silas Eisenback - Workout Trainer  by Skimble

This is a versatile exercise than can be done by anybody.

It can:

  • Strengthen core
  • Improve stability
  • Protect Spine
  • Be Done at home
  • Help athletic ability

You can perform the Pallof Press with cables or resistance bands — making it a viable core alternative you can do at home.

Traditionally done with cables, the Pallof Press begins by walking out with the band/cable until you feel a tug that puts you slightly off balance; assume an athletic stance, leaning slightly forward with broken knees, and horizontally push the cable away from you with the cable or resistance band’s tension pulling away from you, taking you off balance.

In order to keep the pressing motion straight, you have to recruit a lot of core rigidity which, in turn, stregthens the stability of your core as you are keeping yourself in place as the rotational force of the resistance band/cable pulls away from you.

This exercise can be done by novices and experienced professionals alike.

What we don’t recommend, however, is ego lifting when it comes to this exercise as injuries may creep in.

The goal here is to strengthen the core and protect the spine through moderate-to-high stimulation — it would be profoundly unwise to attempt to ego lift in the Pallof Press.

Here’s a video on how to do the exercise below.

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