The US Government reportedly spent a whopping $34.4M to get Afghans to eat soybeans at taxpayer expense.

In spite of Afghan’s rich culinary options, the newly added soybean a la carte was widely rejected by the local palate.


According to Forbes, the data gathered by Center for Public Integrity during an audit found the initiative to be a failure condemned as a “waste” and government mismanagement.

A Fortune Spent on Getting Afghans to Eat Soy

The harsh Afghan climate and terrain were deemed unsuitable for soy cultivation by agronomists who had their warnings ignored by officials.

A string of crop failures after the first season’s lackluster harvest ultimately led farmers to abandon soy altogether. A $1.5M factory designed to manage local soy production failed to stay afloat after poor crop yields.

Over the four years (2010-2014) in which the program was launched, virtually zero progress was made to make soy a viable crop in the Central Asian country.

In what was called a  “risky but honorable endeavor” by the project’s manager, its supposed intention was to raise the average malnourished Afghan’s protein consumption.

One of the soy-based foods was a naan bread called “Strong Naan.”

“Strong Naan”

And the rejection of the artificially promoted crop was distilled by the fact that Afghans, as a whole, didn’t like the taste of soy or processed food.

The initiative was partly inspired within the $120B budget to reconstruct the country. However, in 2011, it was later discovered there was a total misspend of $7B in the region.

“We didn’t have a reconstruction effort, we just spent a lot of money, mostly to get the Afghan military working and keep its government afloat,” Middle East specialist and former defense intelligence analyst, Anthony H. Cordesman, pointed out.

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