We are here to help you become a better version of you — simple as.

Whether your goal is to get bigger, stronger, leaner, or more athletic, we will strive to offer the best advice possible.

In these times, the bar is set very low for physical brilliance yet oversaturated with gifted figureheads leading unsustainable lifestyles, misleading millions of impressionable individuals, while underselling what it takes to achieve their physiques. By merely going to the gym and somewhat monitoring your diet, you’re already doing better than most of your peers.

I hope to impart the knowledge I have accumulated through over a decade-and-a-half of training, reaching decent levels across various disciplines, not limited to, but mostly focused on powerlifting and rugby.

It is our pledge to offer honest advice on training, nutrition, supplementation, products for sale, and anything related to self-improvement.

We recognize that self-improvement extends far beyond physical fitness, but physical fitness requires several lifestyle changes consistent with becoming a better version of you.

And beyond physical fitness, we aim to refer you to trusted brands and personalities to offer you products — be they supplements, courses, books, advice, etc. — outside of our purview for your enhancement.

Become a demigod.