Do you need a six-day gym training schedule? If that’s the case, you’ve arrived to the correct place. A six-day gym workout regimen is one of the most effective ways to gain muscle. I’m going to give you a free 6-day workout regimen that you may use whenever you want today.

You must recuperate appropriately in order to reap the benefits of a 6-day workout regimen. If you work out hard six days a week and don’t recuperate correctly, you’ll injure yourself. Fortunately, this is a simple task.

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But first, let’s go through how to tell if you’re not getting enough rest. I’m guessing it has something to do with how sore you are.

WRONG. The most accurate indicator of recovery is whether you can lift the same or greater weight as before. In other words, the increasing overload principle. You’ll be training the same muscle groups twice a week on a 6-day gym workout regimen. This allows you to put the notion of increasing overload to the test.

Progressive overload refers to lifting lot more weight than you did previously. For instance, if you benched 225 for 5 reps on Monday, try benching 230 for 5 reps on Thursday. Of course, you won’t get it every time, but as long as you don’t lose weight, your recuperation should be OK.


This workout schedule is part of my premium workout program “Workout Of The Gods.” It’s specifically designed to help your put on muscle mass along with building strength through high volume hypertrophy training.

Chest/BackBench Press: 12,10,8,6
Incline bench press: 12,10,8,6
Chest flyes: 4×8-12
Dumbbell pullovers: 4×8-12

Wide grip chin ups: 4xamap
Barbell rows 12,10,8,6
T-bar rows: 4×8-12
Lat pushdowns: 4×8-12

Abs (your choice)
ArmsMilitary press: 12,10,8,6
Overhead press: 4×8-12
Lateral raises: 4×8-12
Frontal raises: 4×8-12
Rear delt flyes: 4×8-12

Barbell curls: 12.10,8,6
Dumbbell curls: 4×8-12
Concentration curls: 4×8-12

Skull crushers: 12,10,8,6
Katana tricep extension: 4×8-12
Tricep pulldowns: 4×8-12

Forearm curls 4×8-12
LegsBarbell back squats: 12,10,8,6
Good mornings: 4×8-12
Lunges: 4×8-12
Leg extensions: 4×8-12
Hamstring extensions: 4×8-12


This is just a small sample (3 of the 6 days) and it’s incomplete as well. Its a full 8 week course you can repeat for the rest of your life!

Recovering On A 6 Day Workout Routine

For most situations, there are three steps to a successful recovery.

Eat, rest, and repeat. It’s that easy. However, if you skip any of them, you will lose your gains and risk harming yourself. Allow me to elaborate:

The most vital aspect of recovery is eating. Because your body grows when it has calories, you must keep track of them in order to create muscle effectively.

You won’t look like a huge, muscular guy unless you eat like one. Eat a lot of protein, especially before going to bed. Go to a bmr calculator and enter your details to see how many calories you should consume. Once you’ve completed it, add 500-1000 calories.

This rule only applies to most people. If you’re on a diet, you should be eating roughly 500 calories less than recommended.

The next step is to diet properly.

The following are some general diet recommendations to follow: avoid processed foods, avoid processed sweets, and avoid soy. If a caveman didn’t eat it, you shouldn’t eat it either.

The last step to a successful recovery is sleeping enough. I recommend you sleep at least 8 hours every night. Take melatonin a half hour before your sleep, and then ashwagandha before bed to enhance your sleep quality. I go more in detail on this in my article from my blog.

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