An odd choice, but Kraken Kratom Preworkout makes a fine addition to help you through difficult cardio sessions.

In the past, we’ve reviewed Kraken Kratom’s Preworkout capsules. Although we wouldn’t recommend them for a strenuous weights session, they have proven a wonderful addition to a cardio regimen.

And doubly so during a calorie-restricted diet.


Find out why we consider walking to be the best form of cardio for fat loss.

Kraken Kratom For Cardio

Kraken Kratom Preworkout
Kraken Kratom Preworkout

Kratom is known for some of the following effects:

  • Mild Euphoria
  • Mood Elevation
  • Energy
  • Improved Focus
  • Pain Reduction

For all of these effects combined, performing cardio when in a state of depletion becomes a lot easier. Overall, I am able to walk for longer when I would otherwise give up.

Even without being in a calorie-restricted diet, kratom’s uplifting effects enable me to walk for longer distances and under steeper inclines than usual.

Walking itself is a natural nootropic; my morning walk, partly for this reason, is utterly non-negotiable.

It allows me to parse my thoughts and destress. Adding kratom into the mix enables me to enjoy my walks to their fullest.

How my walks/cardio have improved:

  • I can go harder for longer thereby burning more calories
  • It helps me destress more than usual
  • Music and ruminations become more enjoyable
  • It puts me in a better mood/condition to complete my cardio

Kraken Kratom Cardio Final Words

Kraken Kratom Preworkout
Kraken Kratom Preworkout as it arrived

To keep tolerance low and avoid dependency, the bottle recommends no more than 2 capsules per sitting or 6 capsules per week. I would advise no more than 2-3 capsules per week and 1 per sitting.

Do not take on an empty stomach if you are new to Kratom.

Use as a treat or when you’re not feeling up to doing cardio.

Read our review of Kraken Kratom here.

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