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Herculean Strength

At the end of 2016, I had lost my father after a lengthy battle with cancer a few years prior – and my coping mechanism was food. My weight had ballooned to the mid-300s and I was miserable,

Fast forward four years later to 2020, I lost my mother to ALS at the beginning of the Covid Pandemic. While training for my national powerlifting records, a tweak in my back four weeks after my mom’s passing forced me to give up the sport when an MRI revealed a spinal injury suffered in childhood.

Instead of crying about it, I decided to take action…

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Start Your Online Fitness Coaching Business

There’s nothing worse than putting in the effort and getting nothing in return. You post your pics, workout plans, meals, yet you can’t get any followers or clients.

You want to help people and make some money in the process but you don’t get noticed by clients. Perhaps you want to supplement your income or even work online full time.

You might not have the funds to launch massive ad campaigns. Nobody reads your website. Your social media posts get no traction.

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