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Summer Vegetable Pasta with Ground Beef

Hopefully everyone reading this article is in the same position I am — garden vegetables are ripening quickly and harvesting occurs every couple days. This


Herbal and Drug Actions, Part 2

Here is Part 2 of an expanded glossary of herbal actions. You can find Part 1 here. Carminative Definition herb or drug that eases discomfort


Herbal and Drug Actions: Part 1

The readers of this site do not need to be convinced that their health belongs in their hands and theirs alone. Bestowed degrees, white coats,

arm training arms
Build Muscle

5 Advanced Tips To Accelerate  Arm Growth

Arms are often a sticking point for many beginner lifters out there. Especially if you’re an ectomorph with long skinny limbs, then at times it

Build Muscle

Why You Should Not Do Synthol to Look Your Best

Imagine if you could inject chemicals into your muscles to make them bigger. Sounds pretty fun right? Wrong.  Synthol is cheating. Period. Aside from taking

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