On May 21, strength legend Odd Haugen deadlifted a 204.6-kilogram (451-pound) triple raw in a training session with the 2019 World Strongest Man champion Martins Licis in El Segundo, CA. 

The 71-year-old was aiming for five reps but his performance stunned Licis. Check it out.

Haugen’s Impressive Strength

Odd Haugen Talks Mas Wrestling Haters and Deadlifting 750 Pounds at 67  Years Old - BarBend

During the session, Haugen also completed farmer’s carries of up to 95.3kg (210lb) and snatch-grip deadlifts of 106.1 kg (234lb) and 146.1kg (322lb). He failed to performed a snatch-grip deadlift with 366lb (Licis also failed). The 71-year-old then pulled his weight on a hook-grip, to which Licis, 2019 World Strongest Man champion, said, “I couldn’t budge it, he budged it.”

Nicknamed “Visegrip Viking,” Haugen is known as one of the best strongmen in the world. He’s made recognized performances at the 1996 AAU Masters National Powerlifting Champion, 1997 United States Powerlifting Federation Masters National Powerlifting Champion, 1999 AFSA Strongest Man in America USA Strong Man Champion and Hawaii Strongest Man for 2000, 2001 and 2003. In 1999, he was dubbed the Strongest Man in America, according to Fitness Volt.

Until he turned 56, Haugen competed in the World’s Strongest Man. At the age of 66, he set a Thomas Inch Dumbbell world record for lifting a 172-pound dumbbell with a coke-can-thick handle with one arm 63 times in 10 minutes. Haugen is the president of Mas Wrestling USA and actively organizes strongman competitions. 

When asked by BarBend what lift he was most proud of in 2020 interview, he said:

My personal favorite is the double overhand axle because you need to be strong to do it as well. Right now I’m having trouble getting stronger, but I’m probably still among the top of the world in that. My best lift was 220 kg (485 pounds). I think in the history of competition, there have only been two higher lifts.

Odd Haugen’s Impressive Lifts

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