I’ve played sports throughout the majority of my life. I never was the tallest or most athletically gifted, but there was one thing I made sure I was. The strongest, fastest, and most muscular I could be. Control what you can control.

With American football in particular, the best players are usually tall, big and fast. While I can’t control being 5’10”, I always knew that I could be a better athlete than everyone else if I trained harder. The problem throughout the majority of my sporting career was that I was training incorrectly. For example, doing bodybuilding exercises when I should have done athletic lifts instead.

When I saw that I made almost no progress on the field, I decided to take a risk and start a new training program.

This program is called the contact sports bible. Here is my story about how using this program combined with another (the summer superhero) helped me get an offer to play college football.

Contact Sports Bible Review

That’s me right there power cleaning 245 lbs. Sure, the form wasn’t the best as you can tell by my footwork, but that’s more than most people bench and squat.

Before using the contact sports bible, I had only done bodybuilding exercises. No power cleans, split squats, or anything of that matter was used in my workout routine.

You could have accurately described me as a “meathead” with very limited athletic ability.

This is when I decided to make a change. There would be more footwork and athletic type lifts that would make me successful on the football field.

So, I set out to conquer.

Here’s what the program looked like for me:

  • Upper body strength
  • Lower body strength
  • Upper body explosiveness
  • Lower body explosiveness

You can find the individual workouts with sets and reps inside the Contact Sports Bible.

The part of the program that helped me the most though wasn’t some magical secret lift. It was a well put together plan of going from point A-Z without skipping any steps.

Most workout routines to put on size will slip flexibility and speed. On the other hand, most workouts to make you more quick and flexible won’t allow you to put on any size.

The Contact Sports Bible is a mix of both.

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Another part of the contact sports bible that I loved was how personalized it is. I play runningback and linebacker (similar to flanker/ number 8 in rugby). It had a special section personalized for linebackers, which I followed to a T.

I don’t do MMA, but there is a section for MMA training as well inside.

How I Got My Offer

Excuse the blurred image, but I don’t want this college coach getting spam calls from random people on the internet.

Anyways, back to the story.

I attended a football camp at a university right after graduating from high school. As I’ve played football my whole life, naturally it’s something I want to do in college.

3 weeks before the camp started, I was debating in my mind whether or not I want to spend time in college playing football. There were pros and cons, but I decided to do my absolute best to get an offer and see what path I chose after.

So, in those 3 weeks, I started training like a madman. 1-2 hours of lifting combined with footwork drills and positional exercises.

I used the contact sports bible as a guide to help me get even faster and more athletic than I already was. (During the winter, I alternated many different workout routines).

The day the camp started, I strapped on my football gear and competed as my life depended on it. I knew that coaches were watching me and that if I wanted to get an offer I’d have to out compete everyone.

Thanks to the contact sports bible, I was stronger, faster, and simply more competitive than 99% of the guys there.

Right in the middle of a drill, a coach came up to me and asked me for basic information. He seemed very eager to have me on his roster, so we agreed to have a call set up, and after that, I received an offer.

My only regret is that I didn’t start taking my athletic training more seriously a year, or two years ago while still in high school. Who knows how many other offers I could have gotten along the way.

Why You Need The Contact Sports Bible

If you’re a football player, rugby player, or MMA fighter listen up! You NEED the contact sports bible to set you apart from your competition.

This program was made by a former rugby player and MMA fighter (with different workouts for each position) so the writers are absolutely qualified.

It helped me get a college football offer in a hyper-competitive environment by setting me apart athletically.

Sure, it’s difficult and challenging. But, nothing good in this life comes without struggle.

Take action now, and secure your future doing what you love by starting the contact sports bible workout program.

– Get all of the Herculean Strength programs together (including the contact sports bible) in the demigod bundle. Just click the link or image below!