A teenage millionaire broke the internet last weekend under the most unfortunate circumstances.

Dylan Huntley, 16, from Tulsa, Oklahoma, enjoyed mega-virality after a thread titled “How I Became a Millionaire at 15” posted to his Twitter account was slapped with a Community Note.

The Community Note was posted pointing out the rental company sticker on the car window – implying that Huntley staged the photoshoot, thus faking his wealth status, and labeling him an alleged scammer.

The Community Note read:

The Ferrari this individual is posing with is owned by the Exotic Car Rental company “Cloud 9 Exotics”. You can see the sticker in the window.


“It is common for online business scammers to pose with rented cars & attempt to pass them off as their own.

“This is the exact car: https://cloud9exotics.com/autos/ferrari-488-gtb-for-rent-near-new-york-long-island-hamptons/#prettyPhoto

After the Community Note was applied onto the young Sooner’s thread, hundreds of Twitter users chimed in on the comments section.

Large meme accounts caught wind of the viral post, screenshotting it in the process to showcase to their own followers.

And like wildfire, several meme pages and gimmick accounts jumped onto the bandwagon with screenshots of their own also enjoying virality of their own accord.

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His virality crossed platforms with accounts on IG and Facebook bringing up his faux pas.

Several articles were penned in light of the viral post.

Following Andrew Tate’s meteoric rise and ongoing controversy, coupled with an online niche awash with scammers, tens of thousands of social media users were quick to dogpile the Oklahoma native.

Many commenters were swift to label Huntley a “scammer”, “grifter”, “conman”, as well as a slew of other insults. 

The “fake it until you make it” philosophy is ubiquitous within influencer circles on social media. 

In a niche teeming with scammers, social media users are fast to rightly condemn yet another trying to break into the fray, right?

In actuality, the ire – and hilarity – emoted by Twitter commenters was misplaced.

The entrepreneur hit back at his detractors with a video in a rented McLaren stating that it would be near impossible for somebody his age to get insured on a supercar.

Brouhaha aside, few social media users – and online publications – invested more than a cursory glance into Huntley before casting aspersions at the young Oklahoman. 

The enterprising teenager alleges to have created his eye-watering wealth through a combination of astute investments and working menial jobs to secure cash flow to finance his ventures.

He claims to have polished and resold stray golf balls that fell into his backyard, washed cars, and ran door-to-door charity drives to get a taste for the entrepreneurial spirit.

An avid gamer, Huntley also alleges to have made a small fortune playing the hit video game Fortnite.

Huntley boasts quite a formidable raft of achievements, from academic to entrepreneurial exploits, including owning two companies at his tender age as well as excelling in multiple extra-curricular activities such as chess, public speaking, debate, and basketball.

On his website, Huntley details his desires, including a future degree at an Ivy League University.

Huntley updates his X followers with various tidbits from his life, from liaising with Chinese bankers to declaring his alleged legal and accounting bills.

The adolescent wiz also dispenses life advice aimed at young individuals seeking to replicate Huntley’s success.

One such X Thread detailed how playing Yu-Gi-Oh – an animé card game, similar to Pokémon – equipped him with the requisite skills to become a successful entrepreneur.

Moreover, he has posted actionable advice for young men in various realms – from fitness to entrepreneurship.

Much of his content is geared towards instilling confidence in his peers by being unafraid to reveal embarrassing stories or evoking what is known in internet parlance as “cringe”.

Orwell & Goode

Despite the rocky start to his online presence, the highschooler remains undeterred to grow on social media – with a nascent presence on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube in addition to X.

It appears that the social media starlet will continue to post across various platforms in spite of becoming social media’s laughing stock for the weekend.