All serious entrepreneurs will make amazing progress in their business by boosting their testosterone levels.

Men from all walks of life can reap enormous benefits by boosting their testosterone.

But, sadly, this isn’t the case in the modern world.

Testosterone levels are trending downwards with the average man’s testosterone level falling by 1% a year.

And this is your competition — you too can gain a comparative advantage just by boosting your testosterone levels.

Why Entrepreneurs Should Boost Testosterone Levels

entrepreneurs testosterone boost

Many entrepreneurs will be busy with various activities and might not have time to invest in changing around their diet model, exercise regimen, or even supplementation.

But they would be foolish not to give it a whirl.

The benefits of high testosterone levels cannot be overstated.

All areas of your life will improve by increasing your testosterone levels.

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1) More motivation

Men with higher testosterone levels tend to be more motivated than their peers.

This will come in handy to persevere at all times as a business owner.

Sometimes, the chips maybe down or you need to add those additional hours to pull through.

Higher testosterone levels will allow you to draw that extra motivation to drag you over the finish line.

And then some more!

Finding the additional motivation through other pathways such as nootropics or supplementation may not be as efficient as boosting your endogenous testosterone production or even by resorting to exogenous methods such as TRT.

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2) Mental Clarity

Yeah, you can buy nootropics and stimulants to help you work harder.

But if you have low testosterone, you might be waging an uphill battle.

One of the hallmarks of low testosterone levels is fogginess — a lack of mental clarity.

By boosting your testosterone levels, you will have that extra bit of clarity to help you navigate difficult issues or to find angles to one-up your competitors.

3) Improved Mental Health

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I used to be obese.

Obesity is the number one thing that will lower your testosterone levels.

When I was obese, apart from being patently demotivated and foggy, my mental health was a shambles.

I suffered from anxiety and possible bouts of depression.

Until the weight was shifted — and my testosterone levels correspondingly rose — my mental health wasn’t where it could’ve been.

As a result, I wasted several years of my life where productivity could have been attributed.

One of the main — and many — reasons for poor mental health in the western world is due to low testosterone levels in men.

There’s nothing harder than finding motivation to do difficult, challenging things when your mental health is in the toilet.

Higher testosterone levels will help immunize you from poor mental health problems that are, in the most part, very avoidable in many sufferers.

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4) Higher Energy Levels

High testerone levels will grant you Godlike energy.

Imagine what you can do with the energy levels you had ten, fifteen, twenty years ago?

Well, you don’t have to be resigned to a permanent state of slugishness.

Did you know, in primitive societies, testosterone levels in older men match those of younger men?

The downward trend can be sidestepped — if you know what you’re doing.

Your testosterone levels don’t have to drop with age — don’t accept the mainstream narrative.

You too can gift yourself a new lease of life by taking various steps in your diet, habits, and exercise routine to enjoy the vitality of an adolescent male.

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5) Comparative Advantage and Competitiveness

It has become something of a prevailing meme that high T men are more aggressive than their lower T peers.

However, this trope has been misattributed, misunderstood.

In actuality, high T men are in more control over their emotions and their aggression is expressed in higher competitiveness.

And sometimes, not being a doormat is misconstrued as aggression in many circles.

When your peers have lower testosterone than you, they will not work as hard, be as incisive, motivated, primed for success.

Having higher testosterone levels prepares you for all facets of entrepreneurship — and any curveball life may throw at you.

You will also experience a greater desire to outwork and outdo your competition.

So, what’s not to love?

In failing to boost your testosterone levels, you are leaving a lot of money on the table.

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