There are three main chest muscles that you need to work on. Each muscle has its significance however, there is no way you can only work on one muscle at a time so you might end up working on one-two muscle at a time or all three depending on the exercises. 

The three main chest muscles include pectoralis major, pectoralis minor, and serratus anterior. For definition and cut you need to work on reducing the amount of fat in your body and activating hypertrophy in chest muscles.

Incline Push Up

Incline push-ups are great warm-up exercises that can help you start your chest workout. This exercise is not very intense so you might have to increase the reps if you want results. However, it is very effective almost all chest workout routines add incline pushups. Experts recommend this exercise for both beginners and experts.

Bench Press

The bench press is an excellent exercise that you can use for muscle training. It helps in getting your upper body ready and it is best for shoulders and chest muscles. Most people use the bench press as a standard exercise for upper body muscle strength. You will need dumbbells and a flat bench for performing this exercise.

Push Up

This is the most easily and yet most effective workout. You do not need any extra equipment, you just have to rely on your body weight. You have to start by getting into plank position and then move up and down on all fours as you touch your nose on the floor and then rise back up.

Cable Chop

This is an incredible and very intense workout where you have to find heavy-duty cables and tuck them somewhere according to your shoulder height. You need to pretend like you are chopping wood by using this cable. It is very effective for the shoulders, chest, and upper arms.

Chest Dip

This workout is perfect for back muscles as well as chest muscles. You will be using your body weight and lifting yourself with full force. Most people find it hard to retain the weight but since you are gripping the handlebar, you are using your chest muscles. As you dip try to grab onto the bar a little tighter for better results.

Decline Bench Press

Another very good variation that you can try for a chest workout. This is very effective and most people use this variation after mastering the classic bench press.

Medicine Ball Chest Throw

This is the easiest and yet most effective workout. You need to channel your inner superhero and try to throw the medicine ball like you are casting a spell. Make sure you are throwing it with full force.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, sticking to the same routine and making it intense with weight will not cut it. You need to track down your progress over time and in case you feel something is not working for you, just replace it with something better. There are so many different chest workouts that require weight however if you do not want to use heavy gym machines there are easy alternatives as well. 

It is up to you to choose the option that suits you best. So far, chest muscles are the most used yet most neglected muscles in our body. This is mainly because we have a dominant hand and no matter how we try to train our sleeves we still end up with a dominant hand. We use that hand more and even if we have to lift something, we will still use that hand. 

As a result, the chest muscles on one side get bigger than the chest muscle on the other side. While selecting exercises, make sure you are balancing that out rather than just increasing the number of reps on both sides. Apart from this, train your dormant hand to become equally involved in physical activity so you can balance it out.