A poll of 2000 adults has revealed that the average American has tried five different exercise regimes over the last two years.

What’s more, 34% say they have difficulty finding a new regime.

Let’s look in further detail at some of the findings.

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Americans’ exercise habits: new poll data

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The poll is revealing about a number of different aspects of Americans’ exercise habits.

The importance of having an exercise partner is one takeaway, with 65% admitting they would be more prepared to exercise if they had someone else exercising with them.

Almost one in three said that as a a result of the pandemic they now exercise alone more than they used to.

More than half said they prefer group workouts.

The poll, which was conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Zhou Nutrition, also showed that around third of Americans aren’t totally satisfied with the amount of exercise they currently get. Although many claimed to exercise between three and four days a week, 30 percent said finding the time to work out is a problem.

Seventy percent believe they would exercise more if they found a routine that worked for them. Twenty-seven percent said they had abandoned an exercise routine because they didn’t think they were getting the results they wanted. Sixty-five percent said they would be willing to exercise more if they saw quicker results.

24 percent believe their previous routines failed because they didn’t have enough information to do them properly, and another 32 percent struggled to find a routine that was appropriate for their current level of fitness.

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