Conrad Scott

I've been involved in the world of fitness since I was a teenager, when I taught martial arts. In the intervening decade or so, I've experimented with a variety of methods, including calisthenics, kettlebells and mace training, as well as continuing to train in a variety of martial arts such as Brazilian jiu-jitsu, SAMBO and Thai boxing. In the past couple of years, my attention has turned to heavy lifting, with a particular focus on the three big lifts (bench, squat and deadlift). I like making my own bespoke equipment and now have a lockdown-proof home gym complete with concrete weight plates. Secure the means of muscular production!

Shocking new research: babies riddled with microplastics, 2021

Shocking new research has shown that babies have up to 15 times more microplastic in their bodies than adults. This worrying new evidence will only add to fears that microplastic pollution has already got totally out of hand and will have serious effects for years to come, even if we begin to introduce measures to curb it right away.