The chief operating officer of plant-based Beyond Meat appears to have developed a sudden taste for meat – human meat, in fact.

In a shocking incident that allegedly took place after a football game, Doug Ramsey is accused of biting another man’s nose and tearing the flesh off. He now faces charges of felony battery and making a terroristic threat.

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When plant-based “meat” just isn’t enough: Beyond Meat COO accused of biting man’s nose

The stadium where the incident took place

A police report says 53-year-old Ramsay, a resident of Fayetteville, attacked another man who tried to pull out in front of him in a parking garage traffic lane.

The fight eventually escalated, KNWA reports, until Ramsey pulled the other driver ‘in close and started punching his body,’ before biting his nose and ripping some of the flesh off.

Ramsey has been charged with felony battery and making a terroristic threat. He was booked in Washington County jail and is scheduled to appear in Fayetteville District Court on October 19.

According to the police report, the incident occurred as Ramsay was trying to leave the parking garage at the University of Arkansas just after 10pm on Saturday, after a football game.

He was allegedly in a traffic lane attempting to leave when a Subaru ‘inched his way’ in front of his Ford Bronco and hit his passenger’s side tire.

Ramsay is alleged to have exited his vehicle and ‘punched through the back windshield’ of the other car.

The driver of the other vehicle told police he exited his car, at which point Ramsay ‘pulled him in close and started punching his body’ and also ‘bit the owner´s nose, ripping the flesh on the tip of the nose.’

The alleged victim and a witness also reported hearing Ramsey ‘threaten to kill’ the man.

Occupants of both vehicles eventually got out and separated the two men. An officer later arrived on the scene and found ‘two males with bloody faces,’ the report states.

Beyond Meat: plummeting fortunes

Beyond Meat

This incident is yet more bad news for the plant-based meat manufacturer, which has posted terrible financial results recently.

We reported at length on its terrible Q3 performance.

According to Zero Hedge, “Beyond Meat plunged 14% after reporting preliminary net revenue for third quarter of about $106 million, missing the estimate of $134.3 million by about 30%, and a huge disappointment to the company’s prior guidance which was $120 million to $140 million.”

Although the company had issue third-quarter guidance which anticipated a decline in net revenue, the decline was much greater than expected.

Beyond Meat said a number of different factors caused the lag in sales, including the impact of the new Covid-19 delta variant. The company said a Canadian distributor decreased retail orders for longer than expected as its restaurants reopened, and it had expected incremental orders that didn’t materialize after one of its large customers changed distributors. In addition, the company claimed that labor shortages delayed distribution expansion and made shelf-restocking harder, further harming profits.

Operational challenges also hurt its results, Beyond Meat claimed. A Pennsylvania facility lost drinking water for two weeks and another suffered water damage to inventory after severe weather.

Beyond Meat’s initial forecast for its third-quarter revenue disappointed investors when the company first released it at the beginning of August.

After soaring grocery sales last year during lockdowns, demand has fallen. At the same time, food service orders haven’t rebounded completely yet, even as restaurants operate at full capacity. Executives said last quarter that many eateries were being more conservative with their orders because they were unsure of the impact of the delta variant on business.

These developments do not come out of a clear blue sky for Beyond Meat. Back in May, we reported that the stocks of a number of plant-based companies, including Beyond Meat, had taken a similar slump, leading many companies to slash their prices in a desperate bid to increase sales.

Beyond Meat has also been involved in a class-action lawsuit alleging that the protein quality and content of its food is less than advertised.

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