Beef liver? Like the bodypart that helps your body intake nutrients? I know it sounds crazy, but you should start eating beef liver. Today, we’re going to go over the top 4 benefits of eating beef liver. 

Every lifter should be consuming beef liver.

We all obsess over macronutrients to create the physique of our dreams, but leave micronutrients out of the equation.

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Micronutrients are as important to track if we wish to remain healthy.

In a calorie deficit, it is very difficult to keep our micronutrients up to where they should be without supplementation.

Why Lifters Should Consume Beef Liver Every Day

Put simply, beef liver is a multivitamin in a plate.

Other areas of your health might suffer while chowing down on 1800 calories of chicken, rice, and broccoli every day.

You must look to keep your micronutrient consumption high — especially when your energy levels will be through the floor as you diet.

Beef liver can come to the rescue to ensure that you are firing on all cylinders when your body needs it most.

From endocrine to skeletal health, this superfood has got all of your bases covered.

Clean Energy

Forget the caffeine, beef liver is a cleaner and healthier alternative. Why? Liver is filled with B vitamins. 

B vitamins convert food energy into energy for your cells, so as long as you’re eating properly, you can get more fuel from what you eat. This would be something to use before a sports game, or other demanding physical event. 

B vitamins also help with burning fat, becuase our fueling cells speeds up your metabolism and burns calories. 

Beef liver contains all of the B vitamins, and a very good dosage as well. 

Strengthen Bones

How the Liver King Built an Empire by Eating Raw Organ Meat | GQ

Liver is an amazing source of vitamin K2. Vitamin K2 helps balance calcium, a known strengthener of bones. Most people who consume regular western diets get zero to no vitamin K2, and little calcium.

A higher calcium intake results in higher bone mineral density, which decreases the risk of fractures. If you’re serious about being a physical monster, having sturdy bones is a must. Athletes who play contact sports, and even powerlifters need strong bones.

So why not just supplement with calcium? Too much calcium results in calcification of arterial walls which leads to inflammation and heart disease. Vitamin K12 moves calcium into the bones and keeps it out of arterial walls. It essentially improves the function of calcium. 

Enhances Mood/Cognative Performance

I know this may come as a surprise, but liver can actually help your brain (like a nootropic). Beef liver contains several nutrients that assist in cognitive function and emotional health. 

One of these nutrients is choline, and just a small serving of liver has all the choline you need for a day. 

Choline is shown to prevent anxiety and mood disorders, along with improving your cognitive function. It’s even associated with decreasing the change of getting alzhimer’s. 

Iron, copper, and selenium are other nutrients in liver. Most of us are deficient in iron, and it’s something that needs to be fixed. Iron prevents damage to brain tissue, and it also creates neurotransmitters. Copper helps balance zinc (a testosterone boosting supplement). Most people who eat meat get enough zinc, but not enough copper. Selenium increases your mood and relieves depressed feelings. 

More Muscle Growth

Beef Liver Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits

We’ve established that beef liver has tons of nutrients, but we haven’t talked about how those help you build muscle. Your muscles need vitamins like B and K2 to grow, but here’s the best part: beef liver is 100% pure protein. No other nutrients, just pure protein (from the right source).

We all know that a high protein diet is critical for remaining fit and in shape.

I highly recommend you start taking beef liver as a snack. You can eat it cooked, but there’s also beef jerky like forms out there. If you want to ensure your body is getting the right amount of protein and nutrients, start taking beef liver. 

A lot of people aren’t keen with the flavor or texture. You can also cook it in ground beef or vegetable sauces until you develop a taste for it.

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