Beetroots are well known for their amazing health benefits, but serious athletes can take it one step further and boost their performance through well-timed supplementation of beetroot extract

Boasting various cardiovascular benefits, beetroots can help give you an insane pump as well as improve endurance in the gym or on the sports field.

Beetroots are also brimming with vitamins and minerals, making them an attractive side dish to go with your main protein.

Various studies confirm that beetroot can significantly improve athletic performance.

Why Athletes Should Supplement Beetroot Extract

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Beetroot is one of the best superfoods for men as well as a reputable natural pre-workout for athletes of all stripes.

One of the essential constituents of one of the most powerful dishes in eastern European cuisine (that’s borscht, if you need telling), beetroot has a host of beneficial effects. Among its many benefits for weightlifters and bodybuilders, beetroot juice can reduce blood pressure, cause the blood vessels to dilate and increase blood flow to the muscles; all in all, that adds up to a sick, Arnold-worthy pump, and then some.

Researchers at the University of Reading saw a significant increase in blood vessel function and a significant decrease in blood pressure as a result of consuming just 100ml of beetroot juice. Beetroot is high in dietary nitrate, which contributes to the production of nitric oxide, a compound responsible for improved cardiovascular function. [R

In another study, beetroot was shown to produce a significant increase in athletic performance. The test subjects who drank beetroot juice before exercise showed improved oxygen uptake and were able to exercise for a greater length of time than those administered the placebo. [R] These findings have been replicated in other studies as well. [R] [R]

One of the cheapest and most promising superfoods for men and women.

Not only will you get a gnarly pump, but you will also be able to train for longer as well as enjoy its myriad health benefits.