Wide, broad and strong shoulders are considered to be one of the very desirable physical characteristics that women look for in a man. As very desirable characteristics, shoulder muscles and not just for enhancing beauty. They are also very important for lifting objects, squeezing, and opening things as well. 

From the time you wake up and lift the cellphone to put it on snooze to lifting your toothbrush or opening the door to your bathroom, you are using your shoulder muscles at every step. If you look at the desirable proportion online, you will see that most men in the industry specifically look for a trainable shape of the body where they have a broad and bulkier upper body and then a very tiny waist. 

Your broad and stronger shoulders are not just important for framing your body, they also offer a simple structure through which you can calculate your ratio. People with broad shoulders toned abs, and long legs are seen as more beautiful as compared to people who have broad shoulders but do not have longer legs. 

This means while working out, your shoulders offer you a point of reference so you can easily adjust your workout routine according to the requirements of your body. Wide shoulders are also linked with muscle strength and they can help with day-to-day tasks especially lifting heavy objects and playing sports.

With the help of this article, we will explore why people opt for shoulder workouts and why they are desirable. We will list down some benefits that will offer better insight and finally, we will list down some easy workouts that you can try for stronger shoulders, bulkier arms, and better upper body muscles.

Importance of Shoulder Muscles Build-Up

People usually claim that you can alter the overall frame by making your shoulder broad. However, this is not true, you can generally build up and look broader but the width of your shoulders is genetic and will not change at all. When we generally talk about the shoulder we are talking about three different and distinct muscle groups. This involves:

  • Posterior deltoid muscles
  • Anterior deltoid muscles
  • Lateral deltoid muscles

All three muscle groups are very important and play a very significant role in the overall look of an individual.

Benefits of Wider Shoulders

There are so many different benefits that are linked with wider, stronger, and muscular shoulders, some of them include:

  • It helps in improving posture and making you look confident
  • It helps in enhancing the beauty and helping you look like you are in charge
  • Broad shoulders are usually considered to be a sign of better leadership skills
  • Broad shoulders are linked with strength
  • They are especially important for daily household tasks like lifting weight, opening bottle caps, etc.

Best Shoulder Muscle Exercises That You Need To Add To Your Workout 

Rear Lateral Raise

This is weight-based training where you need dumbbells. Start by bending your knee a little and then holding the weight in both hands. Now lift the weight like you are a bird ready to fly. This flapping pose will help you improve muscle strength as well as broaden your shoulder and make it more muscular.

Dumbbell Overhead

This is a very good exercise that will not only help your work on your shoulder muscles but also your back muscles. Start with holding the dumbbell properly and then lift them to your head. Now bring them back till they touch your shoulder and then bring them up above your head.

Cable Pull

Cable pull is also known as band pull or face pull. You need to tuck a resistance band at the height of your face and then stand on the other side. Hold the band and bull it towards your shoulders and then let it loose. Resistance bands are usually strong and if you do not hold them properly, you might end up losing your grip so hold it properly.

Front Raise

Front raise is a very important exercise that will help you move your hands up and down while keeping them parallel. You also need dumbbells because it is weight-based training. Just make sure you are holding your position and your knees are a little bent so you can have better support. Now move your hands up and then down. You need to keep repeating this movement.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, it all comes down to your personal choice. You are thinking about strength only if you want to make it function. However, you can choose to improve mass if you are looking to enhance beauty. 

However, there are so many exercises that will help you improve your muscle mass as well as your overall upper body strength. With the help of these exercises, you will see an improvement in your upper body strength, your body frame and overall, look. 

To support your intense muscle-building workout, make sure you pay special attention to your diet and use protein-packed supplements that can help you improve your overall body mass and muscle strength as well.