In a training video posted to her social media, Brianny Terry demonstrates her incredible strength, deadlifting 267.5kg (589.7lb). While technically unofficial, this lift qualifies as the heaviest for her weight division, meaning she technically broke the world record.

Check out the footage on Instagram.

Powerlifter, Brianny Terry, already holds the women’s 75kg division world record in deadlifts. At the Hybrid Showdown III meet last February, Terry pulled an impressive 265.5kg (585lb) deadlift which is now the official world record. 

Since then, Terry has been hard at work in the gym. She plans to compete in the World Raw Powerlifting Federation  (WRPF) Showdown this September 25th and 26th. Hoping to surpass her previous achievements, she has been steadily increasing her weights as shown by her recent performances on Instagram. 

Before this recent deadlift video, Terry has demonstrated her increased strength in other lifts. Just a couple of days prior, she benched a massive 137.5kg (303lb), setting a new personal record and closely following the set world record. 

Check it out on Instagram.

While an impressive feat in its own right, Terry’s bench pales in comparison to her unbelievable deadlift. Terry is seen easily pulling 267.5kg from the ground for one rep, which as of now has never been done before for her division. 

In regards to the feat, Terry kept her comments brief. In the caption she said: 


4 pounds over my current ATWR and it felt SO. FREAKIN. GOOD.

Clearly, she felt great. She barely struggles during the lift and then at the very end she begins to laugh and smile, already secured of her accomplishment. Terry’s ability to deadlift such a massive weight with such ease really makes one ask: how far can this young powerlifting star go? 

If Terry’s recent accomplishments are any indication of how she’ll perform at the WRPF showdown, then the powerlifting world may have a couple of seismic, new records.

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