It’s a question we’re often asked: when should I take my creatine? Before or after I work out?

Well, one scientific study suggests a very clear answer to this common question.

So let’s see what it says.

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Creatine: when to take it

Researchers at Nova Southeastern University did a study with 19 recreational bodybuilders.

The bodybuilders trained for four weeks, five days a week, following the same schedule and diet, in which around a quarter of calories came from protein.

With regard to creatine, the bodybuilders were divided into two groups. One took 5g of creatine before working out and the other took 5g after. On the days when they weren’t working out, they took the creatine whenever they wanted to.

At the end of the four weeks, the group that took the creatine after (POST-SUPP) had made greater progress than the group that took the creating before their workouts (PRE-SUPP), as shown in the graphs below, which illustrate fat-free mass increase over the four weeks.


The POST-SUPP group also increased its 1rm bench press by more than a kilogram more than the PRE-SUPP group, as well as losing more body fat.

Get yoked for summer!


If you want to impress this summer, get yoked!

When it comes to statement-making physiques, big arms and razor-sharp abs have their place in the minds of the general public, but nothing screams “power” like a set of thick, broad shoulders and a tree trunk neck.

This collection of muscles and joints, known informally as ‘the yoke’ runs from the triceps up to the deltoids, through the traps and upper pecs and culminates in the many sinewy muscles of the neck.

There is no faking a yoke – you either have one, or you wish you did. Lots of people will train parts of the whole whilst leaving other areas undeveloped. This leads to an overall mismatched and incomplete physique which doesn’t have the impact of a fully developed, loaded yoke.

In this article, we’ll look at the best exercises you have at your disposal to create a yoke that demands respect. I’ll take it step by step – from the “back arms” to the neck and give you some ideas how to implement them best in your training plan.



The experiment clearly suggests that the best way to take creatine is post- rather than pre-workout, if you want to gain muscle and strength and lose fat.

However, it should be noted that the study had a small sample size and only took place over a period of four weeks.

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