If you’ve been paying any attention to the health and fitness industry over the past few years, there’s no doubt you’ve heard of glutamine. This substance is classified as an amino acid, actually the most abundant one in the body. 

Glutamine is naturally produced in your body, and most people typically get 3-6 grams in a normal diet. Unfortunately, most people lack in glutamine; likely due to their low nutrition diet, or just being incapable of producing it in their body due to poor overall health. 

Today, we’re going to go over what glutamine is, and why you should supplement it, especially if you have poor gut health. 

Glutamine is produced in the muscles and then pumped to different organ systems with your body’s blood. One of those organs most affected is the stomach, or as some like to say, the gut. 

Glutamine does wonders for the stomach. Recent research both anecdotal and lab based claims that glutamine positively affects your gut health. This is done by supporting the gut mucosal wall, gut microbiome, and by lessening inflammation. 

The stomach is more important than you think. There are many critical nerves there that interact with your brain. Bad gut health can actually cause your brain to malfunction, anything from brain fog to neurological disorders. Depression is also commonly reported from poor gut health.

If you’ve already got bad stomach health, supplementing with glutamine will help repair your gut and improve your overall health, including mental. 

Since glutamine is a naturally occuring amino acid, there are no downsides to taking it in normal dosage. It is recommended that you start off with taking 5 grams per day, similar to creatine. Take glutamine 10-15 minutes before you eat, ideally with a glass of water. 

You can also get glutamine from a diet with high amounts of meat. Beef, fish and chicken are all very high in glutamine. Dairy such as eggs and yogurt also contain high amounts of glutamine. If you seriously struggle with gut health, I recommend just taking glutamine in powdered form as a supplement. 

Glutamine can be found at most supplement stores such as Walgreens, Walmart, or GNC. It’s also available online at amazon. 

If you’ve struggled with gut health and want to repair it, start supplementing with glutamine today. Your brain and gut are two of the most critical organs in your body, and you should take all steps to ensure they’re working properly. 

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