It is the easiest time in human history to become a remarkable person. We are lavished with abundant resources to aid our success — be it in the weight room, in business, or our general well-being. And yet millions of people fail to capitalize on the opportunities they have been handed on a platter for their success. Far too many people are content with mediocrity as a result of our abundant comforts. You no longer have to go to extraordinary lengths in order to shine. A little bit of effort, and people will begin to admire you; and you will, more importantly, have a new-found respect for yourself. The aim of this blog is to help its dear readers to break out of a self-imposed prison of mediocrity — to strive for greatness. Various narratives spun by the fitness industry, media, Hollywood, and elsewhere subtly praise indolence. While it is important to be happy in your own skin, you would not want to regret lost possibilities. What if? What if you did not have to mull over irretrievable opportunities anymore? What if you can achieve greatness in your every endeavor? What if your achievements in the gym, office, and beyond begin to astound you, taking you places you never dreamed of? The time to start is now — become a demigod.