In rather unfortunate news, Mohamed El Emam was injured in a recent car accident. Occurring in Saint Petersburg, Russia, it seems that the Egyptian-born bodybuilder will not be able to compete for at least six months as he recovers from the incident.

An IFBB pro bodybuilder, Mohamed El Emam has been competing for almost twenty years but has seen a huge increase in success in the past couple of years, earning his pro card in 2019 and moving to Russia to train. Since then, he won an amazing seventh place at the 2021 Arnold Classic and even received fourth at the KO Pro Egypt.

Unfortunately, it seems that El Emam’s rise has been put on hold due to unforeseen circumstances. He took to Instagram to share the recent news that he was in a car accident around November 11, 2021. While the details are fairly vague, he has let his fans know he will be relatively okay and his life was not in danger. 

While he managed to survive such a horrific incident, his recovery will not be quick. El Emam estimated he will need at least six months to recover and compete again. Yet, despite his injuries, he seems to be optimistic about his future and thankful it was not worse. He said

Yesterday i had serious accident by car in saint Petersburg city ; many injury’s in different places in my body ; cant come back to gym ! And i think will can not compete in the next 6 months ! Thanks god that i still a life”

Hopefully, El Emam can make it back to the gym as soon as possible. It would be a shame if such a young and hopeful athlete was forced to stop so soon. 

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