Entering a caloric deficit for whatever reason can be difficult to sustain, due to hunger creeping in, especially if calories are lowered too quickly or sharply.

But, whatever your reason for dieting may be, very few people can get away with lowering their calories and not feel hungry in the process — jeopardizing one’s caloric deficit by assuaging that hunger with calorie-laden foods. 

Try These Tips to Kill Your Hunger

do these to kill hunger
do these to kill hunger
  1. Drink Water
  2. Drink Coffee
  3. Drink my Magic Fat-Burning Potion
  4. Drink sparkling water/diet sodas
  5. Eat sugar-free Jello
  6. Eat Shirataki noodles
  7. Pile on the salad
  8. Eat more protein
  9. Make your food spicy
  10. Eat more fiber


This a no-brainer: clocking in at a whopping 0 calories, water is an obvious go-to whenever you’re affected by a hunger pang.


homemade preworkout
Et, viola! Preworkout is served.

Again, like water, this is a no-brainer as well. It can reduce the feelings of hunger temporarily — but make sure you drink it black and with no sugar!

My Magic Fat-Burning Potion

magic fat burner
Homemade fat burner ingredients

This is a drink I’ve come up with over the years whenever I’m dieting and now it’s become a mainstay. It’s basically just a healthy serving of green tea, ginger, powdered cinnamon, lemon juice, and apple cider vinegar to form an energizing, blood-sugar-lowering, appetite-suppressing concoction that boasts an array of health benefits and legit works.

Sparkling Water/Diet Sodas

The bubbles can give a sense of temporary satiety. Like black coffee, sparkling waters and diet sodas are a dietary staple for many adherents of intermittent fasting or bodybuilders dieting for competition.

Sugar-free Jello

I am indebted to seminal blog ‘More Plates More Dates‘ for this insight. You can go ham on sugar-free jello if the liquid appetite suppressants fail to do the trick. I find that it keeps hunger at bay for longer than fizzy drinks or coffee.

Shirataki Noodles

Although quite pricey, you can load up on these noodles at mealtimes. Simply add your white meat, veggies, and low-cal sauces and away you go. These noodles are great if you have difficulty weaning off carbs as your enter a lower bodyfat percentages or if you’re trying to taper down daily calories after plateauing.


Again, same principle with the noodles, but salad alone — for me, at least — isn’t all that filling. Some people get stuffed off a healthy bowl of salad, while others need something a little more carb-laden to get by. Salad — minus the dressings — are low in calories and high in fiber. If added to a meal, I find that a large bowl of salad can help with making me feel fuller.

Eat More Protein

Protein gives an extra sense of satiety after eating as it takes longer to digest in the stomach than other macronutrients. Red meat and protein sources containing casein can take several hours to digest. Some recommend consuming casein before bedtime for this reason.



Try these tips to kill hunger

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